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The Tale of Two Funds

Show date: Feb 25, 2017

Andy and Bob tell the tale of two mutual funds and explain why the quality of financial advice matters. Plus, some special Investing Sense Oscar awards!

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Trump’s impact on markets

Show date: Feb 18, 2017

Andy and Bob talk about the impact President Trump has been having on markets, particularly through his messages on Twitter, and what it means for everyday investors.

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What Trump’s fiduciary memo really means

Show date: Feb 11, 2017

Andy and Bob discuss the recent memorandum issued by President Trump asking for a re-examination of the conflict of interest/fiduciary rule.

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FOMO investing mistakes

Show date: Feb 04, 2017

Bob and Andy discuss three major investment mistakes we make with our portfolio when we have a “fear of missing out (FOMO).”

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Debunking 401(k) myths

Show date: Jan 28, 2017

Phil Reiff exposes 401(k) myths and action steps to take in order to avoid following them.

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First 100 Days of President Trump

Show date: Jan 21, 2017

Andy and Bob discuss changes to retirement programs happening in 2017 that listeners need to know about.

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Changes to Social Security and Medicare Benefits in 2017

Show date: Jan 14, 2017

Andy and Bob discuss changes to retirement benefits happening in 2017 that listeners need to know about.

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What to Learn From 2016’s Worst Advisor

Show date: Jan 07, 2017

John Bunch talks about one of the worst advisors of 2016 and what listeners can learn from how he mistreated his clients.

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A Look Forward and Backward

Show date: Dec 31, 2016

Andy and Bob review 2016 market activity and what listeners can learn from it.

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Top Financial Topics

Show date: Dec 24, 2016

Andy and Bob highlight some of the top interviews with their panel of experts.

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Understanding the Fed funds rate

Show date: Dec 17, 2016

Chris Bouffard talks about the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates and what it means for listeners.

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Figuring Out Financial Advice

Show date: Dec 10, 2016

John Bunch talks about how to tell the difference between good and bad financial advice and how to tell if you're being taken advantage of.

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Making Sense of Market Benchmarks

Show date: Dec 03, 2016

Bob and Andy talk about new market benchmarks and how to take them into consideration when reviewing your overall portfolio.

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Exploring Exchange-Traded Funds

Show date: Nov 26, 2016

Bob and Andy talk with Christopher Jones about exchange-traded funds and how they could fit into your portfolio.

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Managing Medicare Open Enrollment

Show date: Nov 19, 2016

Bob and Andy talk with an expert about how to get the Medicare coverage you need without paying more than you should.

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Preparing for Political Change

Show date: Nov 12, 2016

John Bunch discusses how investors can manage their reaction to upcoming political changes.

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The 411 on 401(k)s

Show date: Nov 05, 2016

Larry Raffone discusses how the 401(k) has evolved over the years and adjustments you can make to optimize your 401(k).

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Fiduciary Rule Follow-Up

Show date: Oct 29, 2016

Christopher Jones provides an update on the Department of Labor fiduciary rule, including the changes that it’s already brought about.

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Protecting Your Parents from Scams

Show date: Oct 22, 2016

John Bunch shares a story about an elder financial scam that hit close to home and talks about how listeners can help protect their parents.

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Minding the Markets

Show date: Oct 15, 2016

Chris Bouffard reflects on market activity so far this year and discusses what to expect in the remaining months of the year.

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Avoiding Emotional Investing

Show date: Oct 08, 2016

John Bunch, president of Financial Engines advisors, discusses ways to keep your emotions from getting in the way of investment decisions.

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Fixing Financial Illiteracy

Show date: Oct 01, 2016

60% of Americans have only a moderate to low financial literacy – find out here what steps we can take to change that.

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Presidential Election Primer

Show date: Sep 24, 2016

JT Taylor, chief political strategist of Hedgeye Potomac Research, provides a nonpartisan update on the presidential election campaign.

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All About the S and P 500 on Investing Sense

Show date: Sep 17, 2016

Andy and Bob talk with Christopher Jones about how the S 500 works, how it’s changing and why it may not be the best benchmark for you.

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Are You Ready For Your RMD?

Show date: Sep 10, 2016

In this week’s show, Andy and Bob talk with Denny Smith about the importance of having a strategy for spending in retirement.

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Starting Up Your 401(k)

Show date: Sep 03, 2016

Andy and Bob talk with Phil Reiff about how to get started with your 401(k) if you’re not currently enrolled or are beginning a new job.