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The more things change, the more they stay the same: How to adapt, protect, and preserve your retirement savings.

Show date: Oct 20, 2018

As soon as we got used to all-time highs in the markets almost every single week, now we’re once again fighting a familiar foe: market volatility. Bob and Andy discuss the always-changing market conditions, and the importance of having a personalized, long-term financial plan. The one thing that’s still the same, however, is this can’t happen until you simply get started, and they offer a way for you to do that RIGHT now!

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All eyes on Capitol Hill: What's next from Washington?

Show date: Oct 13, 2018

Today’s show is full of in-depth conversations as two of our favorite guests stop by! First, Andy sits down with JT Taylor, who gives his unfiltered, insider’s perspective on the world of politics, including the after effect of the Kavanaugh hearing and the midterm elections. Then, Don Luskin joins in, to discuss his unique perspective on interest rates, the trade wars, and more!

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Climbing the charts: Barron's financial advisor rankings

Show date: Oct 05, 2018

The Barron’s list of the top independent financial advisors was recently released, and there’s a familiar name that made its debut ranking! Bob and Andy talk about how the growth of this list mirrors the growth and changes in the industry and how it’s good news for investors and clients. Also, Don Luskin joins the show to give his valuable perspective and insights on the current big stories in the financial world, including the latest on the Fed and interest rates.

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I’d like to buy the world a COLA: Social Security’s annual Cost of Living Adjustment

Show date: Sep 29, 2018

As autumn colors unfold and the calendar flips to October, many people look forward to upcoming holidays, college football and the World Series, or simpler pleasures like cooler weather. Buried in the busyness of the season is an important announcement from the Social Security Administration: the annual Cost of Living Adjustment. It’s estimated to be the largest increase in recent years, so Bob and Andy take a look at how it could impact retirees. Plus, Bill Tracy is in-studio to talk about the rate hike, and his outlook on the 4th quarter.

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Where there is uncertainty, there is opportunity!

Show date: Sep 22, 2018

The markets are moving fast, surging to new all-time highs again this week. But uncertainty is also on the rise, with news about interest rate hikes, talks about trade wars, and so many other political and social issues heating up. So, how can smart investors turn these variables into opportunities? Bob and Andy have an easy course of action to take RIGHT now, to get much-needed clarity and focus.

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Investors behaving badly: What is loss aversion anyway?

Show date: Sep 15, 2018

Bob and Andy explore one of the ways that investors could be accidentally hurting themselves: loss aversion. Recalling their conversation with Dan Ariely, a leading expert on psychology and finance, this is just one example of irrational investor behavior. Plus, a caller asks a frustrated, yet important question: Why pay fees for bad investment advice?

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Myth of the retirement fairy: Learning how to retire

Show date: Sep 08, 2018

Andy continues his series of talking with recent retirees about achieving the goal of retirement. Today, Bob, who is a long-time family friend, opens up and shares some of the hardest lessons he learned while transitioning into retirement and growing older. Plus, Senior Analyst Bill Tracy is back to talk about the latest trends from the Financial Engines Research Center, including a forecast for a sector “shake-up” and other events making for a busy September!

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Ripe for recency bias: Don’t be a performance chaser!

Show date: Sep 01, 2018

Happy Labor Day weekend! Small cap stocks have been leading the way over the summer, rising just like the temperatures, and once again reaching all-time highs. Strong runs like these are ripe for recency bias, as it’s tempting for investors to only look at the most recent past when considering an investment. Bob and Andy break down why it’s all about diversification and asset allocation! Also, special guests Rick and Joyce sit down with Andy to share their story about achieving retirement.

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Success leaves footprints: Navigating the journey to retirement

Show date: Aug 25, 2018

Andy continues his series of sitting down with friends who have recently retired, sharing how they navigated their journey and what they’ve learned along the way. These conversations fit right in with the many questions, calls and emails this week: from the impact supplemental income could have on Social Security benefits, to the idea of using retirement savings to help pay for long-term health care. Plus, Bill Tracy is in-studio to shed more light on recent changes to client portfolios.

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Motorhome on the mountain: A retirement success story

Show date: Aug 18, 2018

Investing Sense continues the series of interviewing recent retirees, sharing success stories and advice, both as celebration of reaching the goal and inspiration for investors who are not quite there. This week, Andy sits down with Jamie and Mary, who share a story of how they discovered it was time to retire, and the personal and financial freedom they now enjoy! Also, Bill Tracy is back to share his latest charts, this time with a focus on emerging markets.

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Inside the Beltway: Tax cuts 2.0 and the mid-term elections

Show date: Aug 11, 2018

Our Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor returns as our special guest this week, with his straight-forward, unbiased approach to the news and stories from Capitol Hill, including a second round of tax cuts and a look forward to the mid-term elections, while Andy breaks down the potential impact for investors and the stock market. Plus, a look at the rise of Apple, as the tech giant recently became the first $1 trillion company!

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Learning by example: The fall of Facebook stock

Show date: Aug 04, 2018

Facebook recently endured the largest single-day loss of market value by any company in the history of the market. It was quite a news story, and a great example of the many stresses involved in retirement planning. Plus, Bob and Andy dive into the ever-growing email inbox and loads of listener questions, with plenty more lessons to be learned from each other!

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Negative news vs. positive markets: Who’s telling the truth?

Show date: Jul 28, 2018

Maybe, just maybe, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Despite all the bad press in newspapers, radio, cable news, and the internet, the stock market continues to hold near its all-time highs. Bob and Andy explore the effect this discrepancy can have on investors’ psychology. Plus, our resident Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor is back again with plenty to talk about, including a possible under-looked risk posed by the trade wars.

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Are investors warming to stocks despite chilling headlines?

Show date: Jul 21, 2018

The temperature isn’t the only thing rising this summer. So are stocks! Despite perceived fears over a trade war with China and the crazy political climate in the U.S., as Andy explains, the stock market just keeps pushing higher. Friends Bill Tracy and Don Luskin join the guys this week for deep discussions on these stories and other trends unfolding across the markets and economy. Plus, Andy helps a caller with a question about finding her right Social Security claiming strategy.

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Here's to your healthcare: Amazon shakes up the sector

Show date: Jul 14, 2018

Amazon is probably the grand-daddy of disruptors, and they continue to do so in the healthcare sector with their recent acquisition of Pill Pack. Bob and Andy discuss how this could affect both small-cap AND health care, two big themes on the show this year. Also, Olympian and author Alex Allred joins the show to talk about taking care of aging parents. Plus, is elderly identity theft a new public health crisis, and what can we do about it?

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The times they are a-changin’: GE out of the Dow Jones

Show date: Jul 07, 2018

Bob is feeling a little melancholy over the news of GE getting kicked out of the Dow Jones Industrials. After all, the stock has been one of the Dow 30 for over 100 years, and represents more old-school, industrial American business. However, there are plenty of new-school, emerging sectors that are leading the economy forward. Plus, as we’ve reached the mid-way point of the year, Andy breaks down the second-quarter and year-to-date market performance…with charts!

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Dog days of summer: Questions, Calls, and Conversations

Show date: Jun 30, 2018

Bob and Andy tackle email and caller questions, covering topics from the complex ways to take pensions, whether or not to move money from investments to help with home improvements or paying off debt, to a portfolio review for a 100-year-old mother-in-law. Plus, a conversation with writer and Social Security claiming strategy expert Mary Beth Franklin, who offers important insights and advice to help maximize your benefits.

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Money on the table: The real impact of your 401(k)

Show date: Jun 23, 2018

Investing Sense celebrated our 300th show a few weeks ago, and over the years, so many listeners and callers asked: ”How can I get started saving for retirement?” Andy’s most common answer: “Max out your 401(k)!” But there are some common, costly mistakes that many Americans are making and could result in leaving $10,000’s on the table! The guys reveal an easy step to take in making sure YOU aren’t making these same mistakes.

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Not your father’s stock market: A bumpy road to record wealth

Show date: Jun 16, 2018

Happy Father’s Day weekend! The amount of wealth generated in this country keeps growing to record highs, from returns on stocks and bonds, to rising home values, to the job market… but statistics show that tens of millions of Americans are still missing out on this amazing opportunity. Bob and Andy dig into the reasons why from an historical perspective. Plus, more from Don Luskin and JT Taylor, along with the weekly visit and charts from Bill Tracy.

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The Ultimate Truth-Seekers: Financial markets have no political bias

Show date: Jun 09, 2018

The show rolls on into summer and as the guys explain, with Q1 earnings season over, this is historically a quiet time of year. But could the market knee-jerk react to news, especially ahead of the up-coming mid-term elections? Bob and Andy turn to JT Taylor, our resident Capitol Hill insider, to help keep you on the right side of headlines. Plus, Bill Tracy is back to share his latest chart pack and insights from the Financial Engines Research Center.

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Rise and fall: The shifting sands in the bond market

Show date: Jun 02, 2018

A strange turn of events in the market this week after an abrupt shift in sentiment in the bond market. Bob and Andy, along with listeners, focus on the ups and downs in interest rates and discuss what it means for portfolios. Plus, with so many rules and regulations to follow, every retiree needs help when it comes to Social Security. Writer and claiming strategy expert Mary Beth Franklin joins the show to offer important insights and advice to help maximize your benefits!

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If you’re not first, you’re last: Loss aversion and its influence on investor behavior

Show date: May 26, 2018

Happy Memorial Day weekend from the entire Investing Sense pit crew! Today, the guys take a look at the market, and even though stocks are in bloom, there are very human reactions, such as loss aversion and recency bias, that could potentially derail your retirement plan. Also, our resident D.C. insider JT Taylor joins the show to discuss what you need to know about the upcoming mid-term elections, and Andy will explain what it means for the market.

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Coming into bloom: Positive earnings propelling the market

Show date: May 19, 2018

Bob and Andy celebrate the men and women who serve because it’s Armed Forces Day in America! In the investing world, there’s much to celebrate, including positive news so far this earnings season and rebound in the stock market. Bill Tracy from the Financial Engines Research Center sits down to discuss Q1 earnings and their impact on the market. Also, with the help of Duke University professor Dan Ariely, the guys explore the concept of ”loss aversion” and how it can impact financial decisions.

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While the cat’s away, the mice will play: Andy’s back…and so is market motion.

Show date: May 12, 2018

Andy may have been on vacation, but that doesn’t mean the market took any days off! Back from breathtaking Scotland, Andy gives his take on recent market activity, the start of earnings season, and of course interest rates. Also, the guys dive deep into a well of topics with Don Luskin, CIO of Trend Macrolytics. Plus, are you avoiding the doctor simply to skip the bill? Be careful because this could end up costing even more.

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Changing of the Seasons: A listen back at the best of Investing Sense

Show date: May 05, 2018

As the calendar turns from winter to springtime, take a listen to some of the best segments from Investing Sense in what has been a wild 2018. From a very bullish start to the beginning of the year, to the recent rise in interest rates and stock market volatility, Andy and Bob have nailed the market action so far this year. Plus, hear some of the best listener conversations covering everything from target-date funds, company stock, and angry annuity salesmen!

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Mr. Smith (And Mr. Richards) goes to Washington, part II: Conversations from Capitol Hill

Show date: Apr 28, 2018

It’s important for investors to avoid emotional reactions to political headlines, but it’s helpful to stay informed of what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what it means for YOU. To these ends, the guys welcome back Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor and Trend Macrolytics CIO Don Luskin, covering a wide range of topics from FANG stocks to the recent trade skirmish with China, and much more!

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Ready to retire: Now what?

Show date: Apr 21, 2018

The goal of this show is to help hard-working Americans get to and through retirement. Due to the remarkable run of the market over the last 9 years, many investors are now ready to take the plunge into retirement, but may still need help taking that next step. Andy has an easy way for you to get started today! Plus, special guest Kyle Bingham joins the show to share how he helped his mother optimize her Social Security benefits.

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Time is a flat circle: A positive outlook on the inter-connected global economy

Show date: Apr 14, 2018

Investing can be emotional, especially when there’s a non-stop flow of news stories that directly affect the markets. Andy re-assures listeners that there ARE positive trends around the globe, and you don’t need to ride this roller-coaster alone. Plus, Senior Investment Analyst Bill Tracy shares his charts and trends that the Research Center is following, including rising oil prices and sector performance.

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Medicine for market motion sickness: A breakdown of the latest activity and trends

Show date: Apr 07, 2018

If you’ve felt some queasiness due to all the market’s ups and downs, consider this show as medicine for the market’s ills. Financial Engines Senior Financial Analyst Bill Tracy is back to help the guys understand what is causing all this motion and decipher what the latest market trends and activity actually mean. Plus, Andy talks with author and New York Times critic Dwight Garner about his unusual relationship with money.

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Beauty and the beast: Putting recent market fluctuations in perspective

Show date: Mar 31, 2018

This year’s market feels different because last year’s was a “beauty.” But recently, the market has acted like a beast. Andy helps you place the recent volatility in historical perspective. Plus, analyst Bill Tracy is back to share insights from the Research Center, and producer Chris has a conversation with one of the most interesting and inspiring retired couples: The Senior Nomads!

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A new frontier: The present and future of the digital economy

Show date: Mar 24, 2018

In recent shows, Bob and Andy talked about the bright future of technology, but today, they dive even deeper into the massive opportunities of the new “digital” economy and what it means for American investors. Also, with tax deadlines fast approaching, our resident tax expert Ed Lyon talks about the changing tax landscape. Plus, investment analyst Bill Tracy joins the show to share his valuable insights on current market trends and whether recent volatility presents a buying opportunity.

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Blink, and you’ll miss it: The market’s remarkable recovery

Show date: Mar 17, 2018

As the market continues on the path to recovery, Bob and Andy revisit Bill Miller’s call for a “melt up” in stocks. Also, the guys tackle a number of calls and emails about target-date funds and Andy breaks down a recent controversial news story about these funds that are common in 401ks and other retirement plans. Plus, an insurance salesperson emails the show to confront Andy about his anti-annuity stance!

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Breaking news: Experts in media are often wrong!

Show date: Mar 10, 2018

Bob and Andy learn a valuable lesson from Shark Tank: the experts are often wrong! Even though the show is strictly for entertainment, the lesson applies to news and financial media. But how can investors separate a personalized financial plan from the noise and bombardment from fear-mongering TV pundits, breaking news, and even advertising? Also, the guys look toward two important deadlines fast-approaching on the financial calendar: required minimum distributions (RMDs) and tax day.

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Space race 2.0: Amazing advances and groundbreaking technology

Show date: Mar 03, 2018

In a society that tends to focus on the negative, Andy continues to carry the torch and point out positive trends, especially when it comes to technology and medical advances. This week, the guys blast off and look into the amazing advances in the new space race and other breakthrough technologies that are leading the way. Also, former Olympic athlete and author Alex Allred joins the show to talk about caring for aging parents.

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Growing pains: After a wild start to the year, a bright future is emerging

Show date: Feb 24, 2018

Only two months in, and 2018 has already been a wild year for investors. From the stock market pullback and rising interest rates, to life expectancy and the risk of inflation, the guys help you make sense of what’s happening right now. Andy believes there is plenty of reason to be optimistic and offers an easy way for you to capitalize on America’s bright future.

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The return of volatility or the return of normalcy?

Show date: Feb 17, 2018

The recent spike in market volatility has the financial media in a tizzy. But Andy has an almost controversial idea: the last few weeks in the market were actually NORMAL. Join the conversation as Bob and Andy dissect the reasons behind recent stock market activity, look at historical market corrections and dips, and explain why there is reason to see opportunity even when the media spreads fear.

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Panic vs. Perspective: How to feel about recent market volatility

Show date: Feb 10, 2018

Financial markets from stocks, to bonds and interest rates, to currencies are all seeing an increase in volatility over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes, in order to see where we are, we need to step back and look at where we came from. Bob and Andy offer some much-needed perspective for the recent market swings, along with practical steps and guidance for listeners after the wild ride this week.

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More than a soundbite: Controversies and conversations

Show date: Feb 03, 2018

A controversial statement from Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, might have some investors re-thinking cash holdings, but Andy reiterates why financial planning requires long-term thinking and is much more personal than a trendy soundbite. Also, listen and learn from conversations with two special guests: Trend Macrolytics Chief Investment Officer, Don Luskin, gives his view on the tax cuts and the economy, while Washington insider JT Taylor returns to chat about the current kerfuffle on Capitol Hill.

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Follow the money: Are investors finally ready to get back in the stock market?

Show date: Jan 26, 2018

Some investors may worry the market is “too high,” others might let political views prevent executing an investment strategy, but Andy sees a lot of folks are finally looking to invest, citing the huge sums of money flowing into funds. He repeats how valuable it is to have a financial plan and fiduciary advisor by your side, along with a way to get started if you don’t know how. Plus, the Wall Street Journal recently blasted advisers and brokers for allegedly pushing high-priced products. You might be shocked by which brokers the Journal named in this story.

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Melting Up: Rates on the rise and markets on the move!

Show date: Jan 20, 2018

The S&P 500 is off to its best start in over 30 years, but the stock market isn’t the only market on the move. Now the bond market is breaking out. This begs the question: Are rising rates good or bad for stocks? Andy breaks down both sides of this question, which leads to an important realization about your portfolio and investment expectations. Plus, Olympic bobsledder Alex Allred joins the show to share her story of triumph, tragedy, and the healing power of humor.

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Movin' on up: Can the stock market keep cruising higher in 2018?

Show date: Jan 13, 2018

Last year was historic for the stock market, not only because of the positive returns every month, but also because of the low volatility on which these returns were earned. The stock market is off to great start this year, but will the smooth ride continue? Plus, our live portfolio review asks the question: when is NOT taking enough risk actually a BIG risk? Also, if you’re already struggling with your resolutions, Andy gives his S.M.A.R.T. guidelines for setting goals in 2018 and beyond.

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What’s next: Can the stock market keep climbing in the new year, or is a cold snap about to strike?

Show date: Jan 06, 2018

As the great Yogi Berra once said, “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” After a record-setting year in the stock market, many investors are wondering what’s next. Bob and Andy stress the importance of managing fear when it comes to financial planning. Plus, the guys reveal a free and easy way to make sure your portfolio is on the right track!

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Should old acquaintance be forgot? A look back at the best of the Investing Sense year!

Show date: Dec 30, 2017

Happy New Year from Investing Sense! As we look forward to 2018, it’s always a good idea to look back and reminisce about where we’ve been. Listen along with Andy and Bob as they re-visit some of the best ideas, interviews, and insights of 2017!

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‘Twas the night before Christmas – Happy holidays from Investing Sense

Show date: Dec 23, 2017

Bob and Andy examine market returns through mid-December, and discuss reasons to be optimistic about the bull market heading into 2018. Also, fraud expert Kathy Bazoian Phelps joins the show to talk about Ponzi schemes and how you can protect your money. Plus, don’t miss Andy as he closes out the year with a special holiday poem…with a twist!

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Do you hear what I hear? Predictions and prognostications from pundits

Show date: Dec 16, 2017

It’s the time of year when investors look forward to the promise of a new year, and look back at the returns of the past year. Bob and Andy take a listen to what some pundits in the financial media were predicting throughout 2017, and it turns out that fake news applies to more than just politics! But with all the reckless statements made by the media, what is an everyday investor supposed to do? Plus, Andy shares ways to avoid all-too-common holiday charity scams.

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Baby, it’s cold outside… but the stock market remains hot!

Show date: Dec 09, 2017

As Bob says, it’s been a very “interesting” year, but through it all, the stock market continues to perform. Yet, too many Americans are missing out on the record rally in stocks because they can’t tune out the noise coming from news and politics. Andy repeats that it’s never too late to get in the market and emphasizes the importance of looking forward, not back. Also, author and financial expert Deacon Hayes sits down to explain how you CAN retire early!

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Down to the wire on tax reform

Show date: Dec 02, 2017

This could be a make-or-break week for tax reform, and it’s coming down to the wire. What happens to the stock market if reform passes? What if it fails? Bob and Andy dissect differing opinions and help you navigate this binary set-up that could have a big impact on your portfolio. Also, Dan Ariely, a leading expert on psychology and finance, joins the show to talk about how we “mis-think” about money.

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Family, football, and financial food for thought: Happy Thanksgiving from Investing Sense!

Show date: Nov 25, 2017

As you are hopefully enjoying some days off full of food, football, and family time, enjoy a few fall highlights from Investing Sense, including real estate expert Greg Cooper’s in-studio interview and Diane Daniels’ tips on how to cut healthcare costs. Plus, re-visit what Tom Petty has to do with your estate plan!

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How much higher can the stock market go?

Show date: Nov 18, 2017

If tax reform passes, should investors buy or sell? What if tax reform fails? Andy and Bob break down the answers to these critical questions going into year’s end. Plus, author Emily Guy Birken stops by to share advice on how to finally put an end to financial stress - with a story about Zombies? Also, get the scoop on new 401(k) contribution limits and Social Security benefit changes for 2018!

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Mr. Smith goes to Washington: The rundown on tax reform

Show date: Nov 11, 2017

There’s so much going on right now in financial news, from tax reform, to changes at the Federal Reserve, and fluctuations in interest rates. Andy cuts through all the noise coming out of Washington and boils it down to the financial planning aspects investors should focus on right now. Also, Bob asks a literal “million-dollar” question: How long would $1 million last in retirement?

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Stocks at a crossroad: Will tax reform sink the market?

Show date: Nov 04, 2017

The stock market is at a crossroad between Wall Street and K Street as tax reform winds its way through Washington D.C. Resident D.C. insider JT Taylor breaks it down and hear Treasury Secretary Steve Mnunchin’s warning if tax reform fails. Long-time friend of the show, Diane Daniels, drops by to share tips on how to cut healthcare costs. Plus, a listener asks Andy: What should I do when my advisor won’t call me back?

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As certain as death and tax reform...

Show date: Oct 28, 2017

Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor, senior policy analyst at Hedgeye Potomac Research, joins the show to talk about the potential impact of the Republican tax reform proposal and how it could impact your bottom line. The “funniest tax guy”, Ed Lyon, stops by to share some hilarious stories and practical tax advice that could save you thousands. Plus, what does Tom Petty have to do with your estate plan?

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The buzz about bitcoin: Investing in cryptocurrencies

Show date: Oct 21, 2017

All year long Bob and Andy have been talking about the promise of technology and how it’s improving our lives, including the optimistic future of investing in that technology. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no exception, as they, along with the stock market, continue making all-time highs. How can investors take advantage of this asset class? Also, real estate expert Greg Cooper is in studio to give advice and share stories about real estate investing.

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Rise of the machines: The influence of tech on stock market highs

Show date: Oct 14, 2017

What’s behind the most recent move to all-time highs in the stock market? One important factor is the growth of corporate earnings, particularly in the dynamic technology sector. Also, author Mike Haubrich joins the show to talk about the concept of career asset management, how to measure your value as an employee, and how to get a raise!

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The humans strike back: Maybe robots aren’t taking over the world?

Show date: Oct 07, 2017

While the Amazon empire of robotic efficiency and delivery drones seems like it’s taking over the world, Best Buy has made a bounce back by re-introducing the human element to the retail experience. This human element is a big part of the potential value provided by financial advisors. Also, Financial Engines advisor Gary Murphy joins the show to talk about small, simple steps investors can take to help grow retirement savings regardless of income level.

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Back to the future: What will the Dow look like in 100 years?

Show date: Sep 30, 2017

Warren Buffett recently made a prediction that the Dow will reach 1,000,000 within 100 years. This has ruffled some feathers, but Andy wishes more individual investors would think like this, focusing not on where the market has been, but rather where the market is going. Also, with Medicare open enrollment right around the corner, the guys talk with Medicare expert Diane Daniels and explore many facets to saving for healthcare costs in retirement.

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Protect yourself, part two: Preventing financial fraud

Show date: Sep 23, 2017

Bob and Andy continue on the topic of protecting yourself and your loved ones against financial scams. This week, FBI victim specialist and fraud expert Debbie Deem joins the show to talk about financial crimes, especially those committed against the elderly. Learn the red flags to look for so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Also, Andy weighs in on the recent news about potential scams surrounding cryptocurrencies.

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Protect yourself: Avoiding financial scams in the aftermath of disaster

Show date: Sep 16, 2017

Even though there is a lot of good news in the market this week, our attention stays focused on the areas hit by the devastating hurricanes. Unfortunately, in the wake of any natural disaster, the inevitable scams are popping up. John Bunch, president of Financial Engines Advisors, joins the show with advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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More than magic numbers: real-world retirement costs

Show date: Sep 09, 2017

It’s no secret that retirement is expensive, and there are so many variables: inflation, health care costs, pension dilemmas… Is there a magic number for a successful retirement? Instead of a nice round number to aim for, Andy explains a better way to think about it: the income gap. Plus, Financial Engines advisor Jeff Klever joins the show to share a real client story.

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Bankruptcy: A love story

Show date: Sep 02, 2017

As summer begins to roll over into fall, Bob and Andy are getting excited about the holiday weekend, but also extend thoughts and prayers to everyone in South Texas and Louisiana. In the wake of emergencies like this, we want to help people protect themselves. Please visit our Gulf Coast Help Center here: Also, author Janet Lombardi joins the show to talk about her memoir about how bankruptcy affected her life and family and what we can learn from her experience.

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Money Back In Your Pocket: Social Security Benefits

Show date: Aug 26, 2017

Bob and Andy discuss how incredibly complex and extremely costly Social Security can be if you make a mistake with your claiming strategy. However, if done correctly, and with the right guidance, the benefits can be life-changing. Also, Stuart Woodbury, president of TMFS Insurance Agency, weighs in on terrible insurance products and annuities.

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Hooked on Savings: 5 Habits of The Best Retirement Savers

Show date: Aug 19, 2017

Spending too much money can be way too easy and sometimes turns into a hard habit to break. The guys take a look at a new study that features the opposite: the lifestyle habits of super retirement savers. How can we get hooked on these good habits? Also, author Richard Watts joins the show to talk about his new book, “Entitlemania: How Not to Spoil Your Kids, and What to Do If You Have.”

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What Goes Up Must Come Down? Not So Fast!

Show date: Aug 12, 2017

As temperatures start to get a bit lower, the stock market keeps on rolling higher with the Dow Jones hitting another milestone last week: a record high 22,000 before worries over North Korea caused a small pullback. Bob questions Andy about the factors contributing to the record-setting numbers and what the future holds. Also, what do zombies have to do with your finances? Special guest Emily Guy Birkin joins the show to talk about her latest book about financial stress.

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Can't Buy Me Love... So Buy Some Happiness!

Show date: Aug 05, 2017

Love may be priceless, but can you actually BUY happiness? Researchers have found that time-saving purchases can lead to less stress, more positive feelings and greater life satisfaction. This could also be an overlooked benefit of working with a financial advisor. Also, why are so many people asking Andy about indexed annuities?!

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Why Do We Do This? A Real-Life Client Story

Show date: Jul 29, 2017

More than just going through facts and figures, a financial advisor also helps clients realize their hopes and dreams for future generations. Cleveland area advisor Dominic Anzevino joins the show to tell a story that exemplifies this goal. Plus, a 500-year-old guide to becoming a billionaire!

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Coin Flip: Making Heads or Tails of Bitcoin

Show date: Jul 22, 2017

Bitcoin is growing all the more popular these days, including a photo bomb during Janet Yellen’s appearance before congress last week! The guys take calls about this trendy cryptocurrency: What’s the best way to invest? What are the tax implications when making bitcoins? What does the future look like? Plus, a portfolio review with a young investor who may be guilty of survivorship bias.

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Muscle Cars and The Fiduciary Rule

Show date: Jul 15, 2017

A new monster muscle car impresses the guys with its style and performance stats. It's so powerful, buyers have to sign an acknowledgement letter before driving, which makes Andy think of the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule. Plus, special guest Meir Statman, Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University, joins the show to talk about investor behavior and retirement habits.

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Time Keeps on Slippin': A Mid-Year Market Review

Show date: Jul 08, 2017

At the halfway point of 2017, Andy takes a look at market performance over the past six months. Also, Bob gets excited about retiring in Margaritaville, as guest Mike Belmont, president of Minto Communities USA, talks about these unique retirement communities.

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Amazon Disrupts Again: What the Whole Foods Acquisition Really Means

Show date: Jul 01, 2017

Happy birthday, America! Celebrate the 4th of July with Andy and Bob as they tell the story behind the story of the (AMZN) acquisition of Whole Foods (WFM). Andy shares 7 of his must-watch American movies over the holiday. Plus, get the lowdown on high healthcare costs from Medicare expert Diane Daniels.

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FANG Stocks: Investors Take a Bite out of Technology Shares

Show date: Jun 24, 2017

From Facebook to Netflix, and even bitcoin, technology is all the rage on Wall Street. Learn what's behind the recent volatility in tech stocks and how technology is improving our daily lives. Plus, hear how Darin Pilancinski, Senior Vice President – Financial Planning, Financial Engines, helped an elderly investor cut bait on a hedge fund.

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Swinging for The Fences: Tech Stocks and Winning the Lottery

Show date: Jun 17, 2017

Happy Father’s Day weekend! There’s been a lot of recent focus on big tech stocks with lofty share prices. Are they a cause for worry? Also, John Bunch joins the show to talk about the most common elderly financial scams.

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Really Expensive Pizza: The Rise of Cryptocurrencies

Show date: Jun 10, 2017

10,000 bitcoins paid for two pizzas in 2010 would be worth $20 million today. Bob and Andy take a look at the cryptocurrency bull market, and whether or not it is a bubble ready to burst. Also, Andy speaks to a caller about the DOL fiduciary rule, and the impact it could have on retirement savers.

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Politics, Pensions, Portfolio Reviews...and the Playoffs!

Show date: Jun 03, 2017

As the dog days of summer get underway, the guys examine the latest dominant storylines: Uncertainty in politics, another look at the state of pension plans, as well as a peek at the NBA playoffs and what financial lessons we can learn from athletes. Plus, research economist Dr. Geoffrey T. Sanzenbacher talks about the benefits of a late-career job switch.

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Wizard of Lies: A Look Back at the Bernie Madoff Story

Show date: May 27, 2017

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! John Bunch shares the personal impact and lessons to be learned from the Bernie Madoff story. Also, expert organizer and TV personality Peter Walsh talks about decluttering our homes, and downsizing for retirement. Plus, a special DOUBLE portfolio review!

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Are We All Delusional?

Show date: May 20, 2017

We all know the saying: our perception is our reality. But can errors in our perception lead to bad investing decisions? University of London professor of neuroscience Beau Lotto joins to show to talk about our biases, assumptions, and how we perceive the world. Also, a look at the good, bad, and ugly side of ETFs.

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Better than just flowers: Taking care of mom in retirement

Show date: May 13, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to buy flowers for your mom this weekend, but a secure retirement is an even better gift. Bob and Andy talk about taking steps to help with your loved ones’ financial future. Also, political strategist JT Taylor joins the show to talk about the current huge topics in Washington.

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Happy 1st Anniversary to Investing Sense!

Show date: May 06, 2017

Investing Sense has been on the air for a whole year! To celebrate, Andy and Bob share behind-the-scenes recordings and a look at the past year’s news headlines. Plus, wealth psychologist Kathleen Burns Kingsbury joins the guys to talk about financial infidelity.

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High Times and Smokin' Stocks

Show date: Apr 29, 2017

Investing in marijuana stocks is a blazing hot topic. Bob and Andy dive into this controversial emerging industry and discuss whether it’s a valid investment opportunity or just blowing smoke. Also, a look at Trump’s first 100 days and his just-released tax plan.

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A New Hope vs. A New Plan

Show date: Apr 22, 2017

The average cost of retirement is 2.5 times the cost of your house, or 9 times the cost of college! How can one rely on more than hope to reach their retirement goals? Plus, Andy gives some insight on the biggest threat to retirement plans.

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When is your age NOT your age?

Show date: Apr 15, 2017

Your “biological age” is NOT necessarily the same as your “chronological age”, and this difference can have a huge effect on your retirement plan! Plus, Andy dives into some economic indicators for springtime.

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Friends Don't Let Friends Time the Market

Show date: Apr 08, 2017

The guys give us an update on the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule. Also, history shows that investors are unable to time the market, but still do it, therefore missing out on returns. Andy helps save us from this bad behavior. Plus, special guest author Scott Sonenshein talks to the guys about how his new book, Stretch, can apply to investing.

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Don't Be an April Fool!

Show date: Apr 01, 2017

Want to avoid being the biggest April Fool of all? Andy has some IRA tax tips to save you money, guest Christopher Jones debunks common financial fake news, plus a look into some questionable investing fads.

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The Pension Tsunami

Show date: Mar 25, 2017

Some pension funds are starting to show signs of trouble; Andy and Bob discuss how these guaranteed funds may not be so “guaranteed” anymore. Also, the costliest miscalculation people make with their 1099!

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A Tap On the Shoulder: The first rate hike of 2017

Show date: Mar 18, 2017

A discussion of the first interest rate hike of 2017 that was recently announced, including the reasons why it happened, and what we should be doing in the weeks and months ahead. Plus, retirement in the famous Margaritaville!

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No Pain, No Gain: Happy 8th Anniversary to the Bull Market

Show date: Mar 11, 2017

To commemorate the second-longest bull market in history, Bob and Andy re-live some of the painful investing moments along the way. Also, expert John Diehl shares MIT AgeLab research on how technology will add life to our retirement years.

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Not So Simple: The Misuse of Target-Date Funds

Show date: Mar 04, 2017

Special guest Christopher Jones talks to the guys about target-date funds and how they are widely misused. Also, Andy re-writes some misleading investing headlines.

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The Tale of Two Funds

Show date: Feb 25, 2017

Andy and Bob tell the tale of two mutual funds and explain why the quality of financial advice matters. Plus, some special Investing Sense Oscar awards!

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Trump’s impact on markets

Show date: Feb 18, 2017

Andy and Bob talk about the impact President Trump has been having on markets, particularly through his messages on Twitter, and what it means for everyday investors.

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What Trump’s fiduciary memo really means

Show date: Feb 11, 2017

Andy and Bob discuss the recent memorandum issued by President Trump asking for a re-examination of the conflict of interest/fiduciary rule.

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FOMO investing mistakes

Show date: Feb 04, 2017

Bob and Andy discuss three major investment mistakes we make with our portfolio when we have a “fear of missing out (FOMO).”

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Debunking 401(k) myths

Show date: Jan 28, 2017

Phil Reiff exposes 401(k) myths and action steps to take in order to avoid following them.

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First 100 Days of President Trump

Show date: Jan 21, 2017

Andy and Bob discuss changes to retirement programs happening in 2017 that listeners need to know about.

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Changes to Social Security and Medicare Benefits in 2017

Show date: Jan 14, 2017

Andy and Bob discuss changes to retirement benefits happening in 2017 that listeners need to know about.

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What to Learn From 2016’s Worst Advisor

Show date: Jan 07, 2017

John Bunch talks about one of the worst advisors of 2016 and what listeners can learn from how he mistreated his clients.

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A Look Forward and Backward

Show date: Dec 31, 2016

Andy and Bob review 2016 market activity and what listeners can learn from it.

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Top Financial Topics

Show date: Dec 24, 2016

Andy and Bob highlight some of the top interviews with their panel of experts.

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Understanding the Fed funds rate

Show date: Dec 17, 2016

Chris Bouffard talks about the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates and what it means for listeners.

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Figuring Out Financial Advice

Show date: Dec 10, 2016

John Bunch talks about how to tell the difference between good and bad financial advice and how to tell if you're being taken advantage of.

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Managing Medicare Open Enrollment

Show date: Nov 19, 2016

Bob and Andy talk with an expert about how to get the Medicare coverage you need without paying more than you should.

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Preparing for Political Change

Show date: Nov 12, 2016

John Bunch discusses how investors can manage their reaction to upcoming political changes.

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The 411 on 401(k)s

Show date: Nov 05, 2016

Larry Raffone discusses how the 401(k) has evolved over the years and adjustments you can make to optimize your 401(k).

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Fiduciary Rule Follow-Up

Show date: Oct 29, 2016

Christopher Jones provides an update on the Department of Labor fiduciary rule, including the changes that it’s already brought about.

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Minding the Markets

Show date: Oct 15, 2016

Chris Bouffard reflects on market activity so far this year and discusses what to expect in the remaining months of the year.

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Avoiding Emotional Investing

Show date: Oct 08, 2016

John Bunch, president of Financial Engines advisors, discusses ways to keep your emotions from getting in the way of investment decisions.

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Fixing Financial Illiteracy

Show date: Oct 01, 2016

60% of Americans have only a moderate to low financial literacy – find out here what steps we can take to change that.

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Presidential Election Primer

Show date: Sep 24, 2016

JT Taylor, chief political strategist of Hedgeye Potomac Research, provides a nonpartisan update on the presidential election campaign.

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All About the S and P 500 on Investing Sense

Show date: Sep 17, 2016

Andy and Bob talk with Christopher Jones about how the S 500 works, how it’s changing and why it may not be the best benchmark for you.

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Are You Ready For Your RMD?

Show date: Sep 10, 2016

In this week’s show, Andy and Bob talk with Denny Smith about the importance of having a strategy for spending in retirement.

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Starting Up Your 401(k)

Show date: Sep 03, 2016

Andy and Bob talk with Phil Reiff about how to get started with your 401(k) if you’re not currently enrolled or are beginning a new job.

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Making Heads or Tails of Bitcoin

Show date: Jul 22, 2016

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Making Heads or TAils of Bitcoin

Show date: Jul 22, 2016