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A new frontier: The present and future of the digital economy

Air Date: Mar 24, 2018

In recent shows, Bob and Andy talked about the bright future of technology, but today, they dive even deeper into the massive opportunities of the new “digital” economy and what it means for American investors. Also, with tax deadlines fast approaching, our resident tax expert Ed Lyon talks about the changing tax landscape. Plus, investment analyst Bill Tracy joins the show to share his valuable insights on current market trends and whether recent volatility presents a buying opportunity.

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A new frontier: The present and future of the digital economy – From growth statistics and job numbers to huge valuations of tech companies, the digital economy presents a MASSIVE opportunity on a global scale. Bob and Andy explore what it means in the current economic landscape, where it’s headed in the future, and how investors can position a portfolio to seize these opportunities.

Full Interview with Ed Lyon – The guys sit down with Ed Lyon, one of America’s top authorities on tax planning, to find out what you need to know about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Hear tips on how to lower your tax burden both legally AND ethically, plus get Ed’s take on what he calls “the tax complication business.”

Chart Party with Bill Tracy – Special guest Bill Tracy, Senior Investment Analyst and Chartered Financial Analyst from Financial Engines Research Center, joins the show to talk about the trends he’s observing, including a look at the current bull market, recent jobs market data, and the volatility index. Follow along with the chart pack below!

LIVE Portfolio Review – This week’s review is for David, who would like to start building a retirement portfolio, but is worried about entering the market due to volatility. Andy provides some advice on keeping recent volatility in context over a long time horizon and provides a simple solution that will help keep David’s emotions in check.

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