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A New Hope vs. A New Plan

Air Date: Apr 22, 2017

The average cost of retirement is 2.5 times the cost of your house, or 9 times the cost of college! How can one rely on more than hope to reach their retirement goals? Plus, Andy gives some insight on the biggest threat to retirement plans.

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A New Hope vs. A New Plan – Trying to reach a goal without any sort of plan is simply “raw hope”, which has no place in your retirement planning. Andy offers a way to get started on a real plan.

Ask Andy: Risk Assessment – Lee calls in from Grand Rapids, and he’s curious about differing returns from multiple advisors, though seemingly using the same approach to risk tolerance.

The Enemy of Retirement Plans – Inflation can have a huge impact retirement plans, so what is needed to outpace inflation and not run out of money in retirement?

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