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A Tap On the Shoulder: The first rate hike of 2017

Air Date: Mar 18, 2017

A discussion of the first interest rate hike of 2017 that was recently announced, including the reasons why it happened, and what we should be doing in the weeks and months ahead. Plus, retirement in the famous Margaritaville!

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A Tap On the Shoulder - Andy gives his thoughts on the recent interest rate hike announcement.

Meet Me in Margaritaville – With the news that Jimmy Buffett is developing branded retirement communities, Andy gives some tips to consider when thinking outside-the-box about WHERE to retire.

A Fruit Basket vs. An Apple – Why doesn't my portfolio return look like the current market?

Investing lessons from…Mike Tyson? He's a new spokesperson for a stock trading company, so Andy and Bob investigate.

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