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All eyes on Capitol Hill: What's next from Washington?

Air Date: Oct 13, 2018

Today’s show is full of in-depth conversations as two of our favorite guests stop by! First, Andy sits down with JT Taylor, who gives his unfiltered, insider’s perspective on the world of politics, including the after effect of the Kavanaugh hearing and the midterm elections. Then, Don Luskin joins in, to discuss his unique perspective on interest rates, the trade wars, and more!

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Full conversation with JT Taylor – As one can imagine, JT Taylor has been a busy man lately! Being the Managing Director and Chief Political Strategist at Hedgeye Potomac Research, JT is at the WHITE-HOT center of everything in Washington, DC. Andy digs-in with him on all the big stories from the Kavanaugh hearings and the after effects, and even JT’s odds on the outcomes of the looming midterms.

Ask Andy: Helping son begin investing – Mark’s son is 17, just started working for the family company, and wants to get started with saving and investing. The options are wide open, but at such a young age, the most important function is flexibility. Andy, of course, already has a portfolio and allocation ready as a starting point for any long-term goal.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Henry is 68, still working hard with no plans to retire, and collecting Social Security. However, he still has all his savings sitting in a CD at the bank. Andy is happy to help, because Henry could be exposing his hard-earned savings to two unseen risks: longevity and inflation.

Extended interview with Don Luskin – Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macrolytics Don Luskin is back once again to shed light on the biggest stories in the financial world, the latest on the Fed and interest rates, trade wars with China, and much, much more.

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