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Amazon Disrupts Again: What the Whole Foods Acquisition Really Means

Air Date: Jul 01, 2017

Happy birthday, America! Celebrate the 4th of July with Andy and Bob as they tell the story behind the story of the (AMZN) acquisition of Whole Foods (WFM). Andy shares 7 of his must-watch American movies over the holiday. Plus, get the lowdown on high healthcare costs from Medicare expert Diane Daniels.

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Is Amazon Taking Over the World? – Andy dives deep into the news of’s (AMZN) acquisition of Whole Foods (WFM). From its humbling beginnings as an online book retailer to its latest disruptive foray into groceries, Amazon might seem like it’s taking over the world. What are the implications for competing grocers, workers, and even inflation?

Have Rising Healthcare Costs Got You Down? – It’s a struggle so many are facing, particularly those nearing or in retirement. Join renowned Medicare expert Diane Daniels as she helps you navigate the maze of healthcare rules and regulations, and offers some advice on cutting costs.

Pensions: The Critical Choice of a Lump Sum or Annuity - Like many Americans, Don is facing a critical choice with a pension and whether to take the lump sum or annuity. Hear Andy’s take on this crucial decision. Plus, get the inside scoop on how some Americans are taking advantage of a global arbitrage to lower the cost of living in retirement. (AMZN) Buys Whole Foods (WFM): Grocery Stocks Sink

Source: "Network Where Active Traders Exchange Ideas to Maximize Profit." TradingView - free stock charts and quotes online. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 June 2017. This example is for illustrative purposes as presented on the radio show and is not intended to serve as advice.

Portfolio Review:

This example is for illustrative purposes as presented on the radio show and is not intended to serve as advice.

U.S. Corporate Profits Under Pressure

Source: Boesler, Matthew. "Amazon Has at Least One Fed Official Rethinking Inflation." Bloomberg, 20 June 2017. Web. 23 June 2017.

Andy Searching for Lower Living Costs

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