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Are investors warming to stocks despite chilling headlines?

Air Date: Jul 21, 2018

The temperature isn’t the only thing rising this summer. So are stocks! Despite perceived fears over a trade war with China and the crazy political climate in the U.S., as Andy explains, the stock market just keeps pushing higher. Friends Bill Tracy and Don Luskin join the guys this week for deep discussions on these stories and other trends unfolding across the markets and economy. Plus, Andy helps a caller with a question about finding her right Social Security claiming strategy.

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained – It’s been a difficult few months for investors. But for those who have stayed the course, you’ve been rewarded. This brings Andy to explain the importance of staying invested. He uses an example to demonstrate that if you miss the 10 best days in the stock market over 20 years, this could potentially cost you $100,000’s in retirement.

Bill Tracy’s Chart Pack! –Bill Tracy, Senior Investment Analyst and CFA charter holder, is back this week with a fresh set of charts (see below). Bill tackles the biggest story right now: the trade war with China. Hear Bill’s analysis of this story and what it could mean for markets at home, around the world, and your portfolio.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Bryan emails the show in this week’s review. He’s 58, planning to retire at 68, and wants feedback on his portfolio. Andy spots a potential problem in Bryan’s CD position, which might be too big. This leads to a discovery of a possible mistake Bryan might be making based on an outdated rule of thumb. Listen to Andy debunk this rule and provide possible corrections to Bryan’s portfolio.

Deep Dive with Don Luskin – It feels like investors around the world are nervously focusing on China, its trade war with the U.S., and the potential impact on markets. That’s why the guys reached out to Don Luskin for some help with understanding it all. Don is a macroeconomics expert who provides a fascinating perspective on the story and shares some practical tips on how to manage your way through this uncertain period.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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