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Are We All Delusional?

Air Date: May 20, 2017

We all know the saying: our perception is our reality. But can errors in our perception lead to bad investing decisions? University of London professor of neuroscience Beau Lotto joins to show to talk about our biases, assumptions, and how we perceive the world. Also, a look at the good, bad, and ugly side of ETFs.

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Are We All Delusional? – Bob asks this question of Beau Lotto, professor of neuroscience at the University of London, who talks about our biases, assumptions, and how we perceive the world. However, these errors in perception could steer us in the wrong direction, especially in regards to our investing decisions.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of ETFs – Currently, there is a ton of money moving out of actively-managed funds into passively managed funds, like ETFs. Andy digs deeper into this trend of “epic proportion”.

Live Portfolio Review! - 41-year-old Tim owns multiple target-date funds, but Andy is concerned that he doesn’t have enough diversification, and is actually at risk to miss out on returns in other investments classes. Hear what changes Andy suggests that could improve Tim’s situation. Follow along with the target-date funds chart below!

More Indexes Than Stocks

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Risk of Owning Multiple Target Date Funds

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