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Baby, it’s cold outside… but the stock market remains hot!

Air Date: Dec 09, 2017

As Bob says, it’s been a very “interesting” year, but through it all, the stock market continues to perform. Yet, too many Americans are missing out on the record rally in stocks because they can’t tune out the noise coming from news and politics. Andy repeats that it’s never too late to get in the market and emphasizes the importance of looking forward, not back. Also, author and financial expert Deacon Hayes sits down to explain how you CAN retire early!

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Baby, it’s cold outside, but the stock market remains hot! – It’s been a drama-filled few weeks, but the stock market continues reaching all-time highs. Andy, along with one of the world’s greatest investors, Warren Buffet, explain the importance of drowning out the noise of the news and focusing on your long-term goals.

The four-minute-mile and your retirement – Special guest Deacon Hayes, author of the new book “You Can Retire Early,” says that it IS possible for nearly anyone to retire early. What does that look like, and what can you do now to prepare?

Ask Andy: What is a yield curve? – Bob has been hearing a lot about the yield curve, but what is it and what’s with its shapes? Andy defines the yield curve, discusses the three different shapes it can take, what these shapes mean, and explains how the curve can be used to predict recessions. Use our handy charts below to follow along.

Make a list; check it twice: Andy’s holiday tips on avoiding credit card debt – It’s the busiest of all shopping seasons, and unfortunately, many Americans dive head-first into debt just to pay for holiday gifts. Andy plays Santa and gifts you with tips and tricks to be more financially responsible this holiday shopping season.

3 shapes of the yield curve: normal, flat, and inverted:

Inverted yield curves historically precede recessions

The following chart displays the historical yield of a 10-year Treasury minus the yield of a 2-year Treasury. When this difference turns negative (10-year yield < 2-year yield), the yield curve is said to be “inverted.” As you can see below, this yield curve has historically inverted a couple of years ahead of recessions (indicated by gray areas).

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