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Back to the future: What will the Dow look like in 100 years?

Air Date: Sep 30, 2017

Warren Buffett recently made a prediction that the Dow will reach 1,000,000 within 100 years. This has ruffled some feathers, but Andy wishes more individual investors would think like this, focusing not on where the market has been, but rather where the market is going. Also, with Medicare open enrollment right around the corner, the guys talk with Medicare expert Diane Daniels and explore many facets to saving for healthcare costs in retirement.

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Back to the future: What will the Dow look like in 100 years? – A bold statement maybe, but Warren Buffett predicts the Dow will reach 1,000,000 in 100 years. Is this number feasible? The guys put Buffett’s prediction to the test by reverse engineering the Dow from 1917.

Interview with Diane Daniels, Medicare expert – The guys welcome Diane Daniels back to the show to talk about Medicare open enrollment coming in October. She answers questions that many people don’t even consider, such as why it’s so important to re-evaluate current Medicare coverage during open enrollment, and how you can start this process.

Ask Andy: Health Savings Accounts – Andy is a huge fan of using HSAs to help save for rising healthcare costs and explains how to use this tool as a retirement savings loophole. Also, Russel emails Andy asking for guidance on how to invest his HSA at work.

Glitter-less Gold: Buyer beware and do your homework! - Fred calls the show seeking advice on how to deal with a shady gold investment company. Bob and Andy explain how precious metals can be part of a balanced, diversified portfolio, but investors can go overboard and need to be aware of the risks.

100 Years of Dow Jones History

Source: “Market Indexes | Historical Chart Gallery.”, Accessed 28 Sept. 2017.

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