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Bankruptcy: A love story

Air Date: Sep 02, 2017

As summer begins to roll over into fall, Bob and Andy are getting excited about the holiday weekend, but also extend thoughts and prayers to everyone in South Texas and Louisiana. In the wake of emergencies like this, we want to help people protect themselves. Please visit our Gulf Coast Help Center here: Also, author Janet Lombardi joins the show to talk about her memoir about how bankruptcy affected her life and family and what we can learn from her experience.

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Bankruptcy: A love story – full interview with Janet Lombardi - The guys talk with Janet Lombardi about her memoir “Bankruptcy: A Love Story”. Bookended by the tragedies of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the financial collapse of 2008, the story is dramatic, but maybe not that unusual. Janet also provides several tips on how to approach money in relationships.

LIVE portfolio review – This week’s review comes from Kevin in Washington. He and his wife are both invested in one index fund, which is 100% of their portfolio. Naturally, Andy is alarmed at their lack of diversification and has plenty of advice to help fix their allocation.

The new gold rush – Knowing that individual penny stocks are too risky, but still wanting to get invest in the rising marijuana industry, Rob emails the show asking about the “pick and shovel” strategy. Andy breaks down the risks and benefits of this strategy, with a little history lesson along the way.

Hurricane Harvey: Gulf Coast Help Center

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