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Beauty and the beast: Putting recent market fluctuations in perspective

Air Date: Mar 31, 2018

This year’s market feels different because last year’s was a “beauty.” But recently, the market has acted like a beast. Andy helps you place the recent volatility in historical perspective. Plus, analyst Bill Tracy is back to share insights from the Research Center, and producer Chris has a conversation with one of the most interesting and inspiring retired couples: The Senior Nomads!

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Beauty and the beast – Because of even more market fluctuations, this current “beast” of a market seems scary, especially in light of the “beauty” investors enjoyed last year. Andy helps you take a step back, breathe, and put the current market volatility in perspective. He also explains how to reset your expectations to align with historical market norms.

Full Interview with Ed Lyon – The guys sit down again with Ed Lyon, one of America’s top authorities on tax planning, who shares a ton of great insight on all the tax changes taking place this year, plus what you can do NOW to ease your tax burden TOMORROW.

Chart Party with Bill Tracy – Given the recent market volatility, Bill Tracy is back to share what the Financial Engines Research center has been keeping its eye on this week, including talk of “trade wars” with China and how that may, or may not, impact the U.S. economy. Follow along with the chart pack below!

The Senior Nomads, part 1: A new perspective on retirement – Rather than settle down in retirement as most people do, Michael and Debbie decided to redefine retirement and travel the world. Chris tracked them down in Australia, so take a listen as as he talks with this inspiring couple about their story and how they reinvented their lives!

U.S. Trade with China, 2020 estimate

Incremental fiscal policy dwarfs value of tariffs

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