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Better than just flowers: Taking care of mom in retirement

Air Date: May 13, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to buy flowers for your mom this weekend, but a secure retirement is an even better gift. Bob and Andy talk about taking steps to help with your loved ones’ financial future. Also, political strategist JT Taylor joins the show to talk about the current huge topics in Washington.

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Better Than Flowers: Taking Care of Mom in Retirement – It is common for women to be under-represented in investing and retirement planning, which can lead to future problems, as wives will most likely out-live their husbands. Bob and Andy share ways to help with your mom’s finances this Mother’s Day.

Mr. Smith (and Mr. Richards) Goes to Washington – There’s so much going on in the national capital right now: tax reform, possible government shutdown, healthcare… so the guys go to political strategist JT Taylor to break it down for us.

Sell in May and Go Away - This investment cliché may rhyme, but does that make it a good strategy? Andy crunches the numbers. Follow along with the charts below!

Wealth is Relative: Johnny Depp vs. Warren Buffet - Two men with plenty of money, but completely different approaches to spending and lifestyle. Also, what investing lessons can we learn from the Fyre Festival fiasco?

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Fyre Festival - What was Promised

You can Google "disastrous Fyre Festival" to learn more

Fyre Festival - What Was Delivered

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