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Blink, and you’ll miss it: The market’s remarkable recovery

Air Date: Mar 17, 2018

As the market continues on the path to recovery, Bob and Andy revisit Bill Miller’s call for a “melt up” in stocks. Also, the guys tackle a number of calls and emails about target-date funds and Andy breaks down a recent controversial news story about these funds that are common in 401ks and other retirement plans. Plus, an insurance salesperson emails the show to confront Andy about his anti-annuity stance!

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Blink, and you’ll miss it – It’s amazing how fast the market recovered after the pullback in February. From the breakout in tech stocks and the NASDAQ to new all-time highs, to the continued march upward in the 10-year Treasury note yield, the guys revisit a narrative that took shape before the pullback to see how it’s all coming together, including Bill Miller’s call for a “melt up” in the stock market.

Target-date funds: A ticking time-bomb? – After many calls and emails about target-date funds, the guys shed light on a recent and controversial story published by CNBC about how one fund family has put 6 million investors on a risky path to retirement. As Andy says, “Know what you own and WHY you own it,” and he offers a way to get help if you happen to own one of these risky funds.

LIVE portfolio review – Art is a retiree who owns a couple municipal bond funds that have done well until recently. Andy explains why it’s important to use bond funds with shorter maturities, noting how complex bond investing can be. However, for anyone nearing retirement, it could be beneficial to look at municipal bonds for generating tax-free income.

Argument against Andy’s anti-annuity attitude? – It’s no secret that Andy considers annuities to be a terrible product and he will take a stand and look out for investors who are feeling pressured to buy. Apparently, some of his latest rants have ruffled the feathers of an insurance salesman, who emailed the show with his comments! Unfortunately for the emailer, even FINRA is on Andy’s side.

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