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Can't Buy Me Love... So Buy Some Happiness!

Air Date: Aug 05, 2017

Love may be priceless, but can you actually BUY happiness? Researchers have found that time-saving purchases can lead to less stress, more positive feelings and greater life satisfaction. This could also be an overlooked benefit of working with a financial advisor. Also, why are so many people asking Andy about indexed annuities?!

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Can’t Buy Me Love – Between family obligations, work, and other day-to-day activities, everyone is just plain BUSY. So, it makes sense that a new study found a link between happiness and spending money on time-saving services. Considering how much time retirement planning takes, could the same principle apply?

Rust Belt Getting Rustier – Linda from Pawtucket has a question about what happens municipal bonds when the city goes bankrupt? Andy highlights what we learned from Detroit’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy 4 years ago and how it ties to current pension problems in other Rust Belt cities like Chicago, Cleveland, and Nashville.

Death, Taxes, and Indexed Annuities – Nothing is certain, except death and taxes. However, people are willing to get tied up into horrible annuities, and the cons that come with them, in exchange for “certainty”. But is there an alternative for people looking for a more stable investment?

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