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Changing of the Seasons: A listen back at the best of Investing Sense

Air Date: May 05, 2018

As the calendar turns from winter to springtime, take a listen to some of the best segments from Investing Sense in what has been a wild 2018. From a very bullish start to the beginning of the year, to the recent rise in interest rates and stock market volatility, Andy and Bob have nailed the market action so far this year. Plus, hear some of the best listener conversations covering everything from target-date funds, company stock, and angry annuity salesmen!

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Don’t Panic! – One of the biggest ways investors can stay on track during times of market volatility is to gain perspective. Sometimes, in order to see where we are, we need to step back and look at where we came from. Andy gives his take on the market swings and helps by providing simple actions and calming thoughts for listeners.

Missing the mark on target date funds – Joel and his wife still have some time before retirement, but he easily gets overwhelmed by the vast number of investment choices. So, he’s curious about target date funds as a simpler, and possibly cheaper, option. But are the fees worth it? Will they even “hit” the target for his specific situation? Andy weighs in with his advice and Bob has fun crunching the numbers to find the answers.

Too much company stock? – Scott would like to move a large amount of company stock from his 401k but is worried about a penalty. Holding too much company stock can be risky, but there’s also an emotional attachment. Andy gives some practical advice, but also warns against the dangers, using General Electric (GE) as an example. Follow along with the chart below!

Argument against Andy’s anti-annuity attitude – Judy has a question about annuities, and Andy doesn’t mince words when it comes to his stance on these products. He will continue to take a stand and look out for investors who are feeling pressured to buy. Apparently, some of his latest rants have ruffled the feathers of an insurance salesman, who emailed the show with his comments! Unfortunately for the emailer, even FINRA is on Andy’s side.

20 Years of General Electric (GE) vs. S&P 500

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