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Climbing the charts: Barron's financial advisor rankings

Air Date: Oct 05, 2018

The Barron’s list of the top independent financial advisors was recently released, and there’s a familiar name that made its debut ranking! Bob and Andy talk about how the growth of this list mirrors the growth and changes in the industry and how it’s good news for investors and clients. Also, Don Luskin joins the show to give his valuable perspective and insights on the current big stories in the financial world, including the latest on the Fed and interest rates.

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Climbing the charts – A big story in the world of independent financial advisors is Barron’s latest rankings of the top firms in the country, with a very familiar name debuting at really good spot! Also, what does Financial Engines have to do with the firm that came it at #1? Bob and Andy dive in to what this means in the industry and, most importantly, for clients.

Ask Andy: Generating income throughout retirement – Ann from Texas is 65 and looking for help on creating income through retirement. Of course, she wants to avoid risk and is looking at an annuity, but she could be opening herself up to different types of risk she does NOT need right now. Andy steps in with his many reasons to avoid an expensive insurance product, along with advice on preserving, protecting AND generating income for what could be decades in retirement.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Jackie has a question regarding bond funds and CDs: Which is better? The answer, of course, depends on the situation, but Jackie reveals she and her spouse have some risk aversion, as they are still saving a good portion of their retirement income. Andy highlights the types of bonds currently used in clients’ portfolios as well as an allocation of bond funds to manage against the rising interest rate environment.

Full conversation with Don Luskin – Good friend of the show and Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macrolytics Don Luskin is back to shed light on the biggest stories in the financial world, the latest on interest rates, trade wars with China, the looming mid-term elections, and much more!

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