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Coin Flip: Making Heads or Tails of Bitcoin

Air Date: Jul 22, 2017

Bitcoin is growing all the more popular these days, including a photo bomb during Janet Yellen’s appearance before congress last week! The guys take calls about this trendy cryptocurrency: What’s the best way to invest? What are the tax implications when making bitcoins? What does the future look like? Plus, a portfolio review with a young investor who may be guilty of survivorship bias.

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Making Heads or Tails of Bitcoin– Janet Yellen appeared before congress last week, but a photo bomber stole the show while holding a sign saying “Buy Bitcoin.” Everybody wants to know about bitcoin, including Jill from Cincinnati, who is curious about the best method to invest in this popular cryptocurrency.

LIVE Portfolio Review – This week’s review is from Will, who is an investment rookie. Before he gives him advice on expanding upon the three stocks in his portfolio, Andy notices a hidden fourth item: something called Survivorship Bias.

Ask Andy: Annuities for the Elderly- John is worried about his 87-year-old parents getting solicited by annuity salesmen. According to Andy, there is a time and place for annuities, but there are certain requirements needed to get to that point.

Dear Fed Chair Tellen: Is It Time to Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin's Wild Ride Since Late May

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