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Coming into bloom: Positive earnings propelling the market

Air Date: May 19, 2018

Bob and Andy celebrate the men and women who serve because it’s Armed Forces Day in America! In the investing world, there’s much to celebrate, including positive news so far this earnings season and rebound in the stock market. Bill Tracy from the Financial Engines Research Center sits down to discuss Q1 earnings and their impact on the market. Also, with the help of Duke University professor Dan Ariely, the guys explore the concept of ”loss aversion” and how it can impact financial decisions.

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Positive earnings propelling the market – Andy’s been expecting positive news on the earnings front, and the numbers are looking good. Senior Investment Analyst Bill Tracy joins the party to talk about Q1 earnings and their impact on the markets so far.

Full conversation with JT Taylor – Washington insider JT Taylor, Senior Policy Analyst at Hedgeye Potomac Research, shares his fascinating insights about news from North Korea, the upcoming mid-term elections, and more. Take a listen to his unfiltered, unbiased perspective from D.C.

LIVE Portfolio Review: What is loss aversion? – Henry is 68 and has a large IRA sitting in a CD at the bank. He’s still working with no plans to retire, though he could be missing out on returns by sitting on the sidelines in a CD. Could he benefit from taking on MORE risk? This leads to a conversation about “loss aversion” with help from Duke University professor Dan Ariely.

Ask Andy: Pension vs. lump sum – Oscar is curious about the advantages of taking his pension as a lump sum OR monthly payments. Seems like a simple choice, but Andy notes that this is actually a really complex question. He helps break it down to three considerations, especially when it comes to longevity and the risk of running out of money in retirement.

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