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Do you hear what I hear? Predictions and prognostications from pundits

Air Date: Dec 16, 2017

It’s the time of year when investors look forward to the promise of a new year, and look back at the returns of the past year. Bob and Andy take a listen to what some pundits in the financial media were predicting throughout 2017, and it turns out that fake news applies to more than just politics! But with all the reckless statements made by the media, what is an everyday investor supposed to do? Plus, Andy shares ways to avoid all-too-common holiday charity scams.

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Do you hear what I hear? Predictions and prognostications from pundits – Whether it’s politics or investing in the stock market, fake news is spreading and potentially causing problems. Listen along with Bob and Andy as they replay some of the worst examples of fake “advice” of the year, plus Andy’s take on where investors can find REAL advice.

True client story: full Jeff Klever interview – Special guest Jeff Klever, Financial Engines advisor from St. Louis, joins the show to share a story abouut how he helped Bill and Edith unwind a questionable insurance product. As Jeff puts it, “Bill and Edith needed a second pair of eyes on this product,” and he unravels the flawed premise on which this product was sold.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Luke writes the show to ask about a target date fund in his 401k. Should he stay put, or make a change? Andy suggests several lower cost funds for Luke, which could save him money over the long-term. Also, see below to download your free report on target date funds and learn how misuse of these funds can be a big risk.

‘Tis the season… to beware of charity scams! – It’s no surprise the holidays are the busiest time of year for charitable donations. But unfortunately, whenever big money is changing hands, you can be sure that scammers are trying to get a cut. Andy gives some tips on how to spot a fake charity, so you can make sure your generous year-end giving is actually going to the cause!

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