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Down to the wire on tax reform

Air Date: Dec 02, 2017

This could be a make-or-break week for tax reform, and it’s coming down to the wire. What happens to the stock market if reform passes? What if it fails? Bob and Andy dissect differing opinions and help you navigate this binary set-up that could have a big impact on your portfolio. Also, Dan Ariely, a leading expert on psychology and finance, joins the show to talk about how we “mis-think” about money.

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Down to the wire on tax reform – If tax reform passes, the stock market could keep going up, but if tax reform fails, stocks could be on shaky ground. Is there potential risk for everyday investors? The guys analyze two very different outcomes and Andy explains how to proactively manage your portfolio.

Full interview: Dan Ariely – It seems that just like human nature, our relationship with money never changes. And this relationship with something as intangible and abstract as money can often lead to behaviors that get in the way of retirement and other financial goals. Special guest Dan Ariely shares his ideas of how to make your savings more tangible, observable, and manageable.

Ask Andy: Model portfolios for kids – The guys receive an email from a listener who has three kids, each with sizeable sums to invest, but they need help with choosing investment portfolios. Andy analyzes two model portfolios and poses a question: Would you rather have a more stable account but make less money, or would you be okay with some ups and downs and probably make more money?

How to get a raise at work! – One of the big contributors to the current retirement crises is income inequality and stagnating wages, but one simple solution is often overlooked: getting a raise at work. Luckily, Andy has an easy hack that millions of workers can take advantage of, without the trouble of asking your boss!

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