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Follow the money: Are investors finally ready to get back in the stock market?

Air Date: Jan 26, 2018

Some investors may worry the market is “too high,” others might let political views prevent executing an investment strategy, but Andy sees a lot of folks are finally looking to invest, citing the huge sums of money flowing into funds. He repeats how valuable it is to have a financial plan and fiduciary advisor by your side, along with a way to get started if you don’t know how. Plus, the Wall Street Journal recently blasted advisers and brokers for allegedly pushing high-priced products. You might be shocked by which brokers the Journal named in this story.

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Follow the money - Bob is happy to hear from a young caller who wants to get into the stock market. He observes that it’s not only millennials that have checked out of the market, but also boomers who are suspicious of fresh all-time highs or worried about the political climate. Andy reiterates that huge amounts of money just keep on flowing into funds, but we have to stay smart about it.

Full Interview: Dan Ariely – Duke professor and behavioral psychology expert Dan Ariely comes back to the show to share practical tips and fascinating stories about how we relate to our money, including how our ancestors 1,000 years ago could have had an adverse impact on our savings today!

LIVE portfolio review - James delayed merging three different 401k accounts because of similar performance. Concerned about the impact of three sets of fees over James’ 30-year time horizon, Andy offers up two separate allocations that are designed to work together.

First, do no harm – Lost in the mix of market performance, full implementation of the fiduciary rule is delayed until 2019 under President Trump. Though the stock market applauds deregulation in the business world, this is one regulation that keeps people from being exploited, and unfortunately, Andy sees it happening everywhere. The Wall Street Journal recently gave examples of this, and you might be shocked to learn who the Journal named.

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