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Friends Don't Let Friends Time the Market

Air Date: Apr 08, 2017

The guys give us an update on the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule. Also, history shows that investors are unable to time the market, but still do it, therefore missing out on returns. Andy helps save us from this bad behavior. Plus, special guest author Scott Sonenshein talks to the guys about how his new book, Stretch, can apply to investing.

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Friends Don't Let Friends Time the Market – Recent outflows from stock ETFs show that investors are running away from losses, buying high and selling low. Andy has advice on how to avoid timing the market.

Why does Jim Cramer hate ETFs? - The popular TV pundit recently gave his opinions, so Andy chimes in with his thoughts on what's driving his anti-ETF feelings.

Stretch! – Author Scott Sonenshein joins the show to talk about how when we chase to accumulate more, we risk missing our goals. Rather, we can "stretch" what we already have.

Tax Time Scams – Andy tells a personal identity theft story, and rolls through a few other current tax time scams, and what you can do to protect yourself.