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Growing pains: After a wild start to the year, a bright future is emerging

Air Date: Feb 24, 2018

Only two months in, and 2018 has already been a wild year for investors. From the stock market pullback and rising interest rates, to life expectancy and the risk of inflation, the guys help you make sense of what’s happening right now. Andy believes there is plenty of reason to be optimistic and offers an easy way for you to capitalize on America’s bright future.

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A bright future is emerging – Bob and Andy break down the recent gyrations in the stock market and help shine a light on the opportunities going forward. It can be hard to see the light right now, but Andy remains optimistic, and he offers some help in navigating all the volatility, uncertainty, and complexity.

Interest rates, inflation, and life expectancy – The recent rise in interest rates was a catalyst behind the pullback in the stock market. But the catalyst behind THAT is the expectation of rising inflation. Thanks to rapid advances in medicine and technology, Americans are living longer, which is great news; however, Andy explains how this great news could cause inflation to morph into an even bigger risk for your retirement savings.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Tom has an IRA that consists of 10 individual stocks. Some are performing okay, others not so much. He seeks Andy’s advice on how to move into ETFs to be more balanced, diversified, and cost effective, while also staying aggressive.

Ask Andy: Robo-advisors? – Listening from Louisiana, Shawn calls in to ask about Robo-advisors. Bob tells a story about his friend who made a surprising discovery about his Robo-advisor during the recent market meltdown. Andy explains the importance of the human touch in a client and advisor relationship.

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