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Here's to your healthcare: Amazon shakes up the sector

Air Date: Jul 14, 2018

Amazon is probably the grand-daddy of disruptors, and they continue to do so in the healthcare sector with their recent acquisition of Pill Pack. Bob and Andy discuss how this could affect both small-cap AND health care, two big themes on the show this year. Also, Olympian and author Alex Allred joins the show to talk about taking care of aging parents. Plus, is elderly identity theft a new public health crisis, and what can we do about it?

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Here’s to your health – Two of the BIG themes Andy’s been talking about this year are health care and small-cap stocks. These worlds collide with Amazon’s latest deal, acquiring Pill Pack for a cool $1 billion. Once again, this highlights the importance of diversification among asset classes.

Full Conversation with Alex Allred – Special guest Alex Allred is an Olympic athlete and author, who tells her story as caregiver to aging parents, dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Listen as she shares her experience of coping with trauma, managing Power of Attorney, and navigating the excessive costs involved.

Bill Tracy’s Chart Pack – Full of World Cup fever, Bill Tracy joins the guys to talk global economies, focusing on the two finalists: France vs. Croatia. Plus, a dive into the most recent employment report and “quits rate.” Follow along with the charts below!

The new public health crisis: Elderly identity theft – The trend of identity theft among the elderly is on the rise. In fact, it’s gotten so bad, officials have labeled it a public health crisis, and it’s costing our loved ones over $37 billion per year! Bob and Andy take a look at two recent stories, including one around the oldest living American, and share 3 ways children of elderly parents can help prevent this abuse.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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