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How much higher can the stock market go?

Air Date: Nov 18, 2017

If tax reform passes, should investors buy or sell? What if tax reform fails? Andy and Bob break down the answers to these critical questions going into year’s end. Plus, author Emily Guy Birken stops by to share advice on how to finally put an end to financial stress - with a story about Zombies? Also, get the scoop on new 401(k) contribution limits and Social Security benefit changes for 2018!

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Does your portfolio need tax or plan reform? – We’re down to the wire on tax reform! One listener gets right to the point: “Buy, sell, or hold if tax reform passes?” Get Andy’s answer to this question plus insights into where to move your money if tax reform fails. Ultimately, taxes may not be the most important aspect of your portfolio that needs reform.

Flat, connected, and hot…stocks! – The Dow and especially the NASDAQ are flying high this year. But as Bob points out, the U.S. market is a laggard this year when compared to other stock markets around the world. Learn from Andy why international stocks are soaring and how to potentially benefit from the two trends behind this move.

Portfolio review uncovers a missing ingredient – This week’s portfolio review comes from Joe, who has a great start, but is a missing a key ingredient in his portfolio. What’s holding Joe back from reaching his financial goals? Is it how he’s funding his home remodel or something else?

Not your grandpa’s account statement – Deciphering financial fees isn’t easy and some brokers go out of their way to confuse you on how much you’re paying. Andy and Bob tell you the one word you need to lookout for on your account statements and why it’s a red flag when it comes to the new fiduciary rule!

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