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I’d like to buy the world a COLA: Social Security’s annual Cost of Living Adjustment

Air Date: Sep 29, 2018

As autumn colors unfold and the calendar flips to October, many people look forward to upcoming holidays, college football and the World Series, or simpler pleasures like cooler weather. Buried in the busyness of the season is an important announcement from the Social Security Administration: the annual Cost of Living Adjustment. It’s estimated to be the largest increase in recent years, so Bob and Andy take a look at how it could impact retirees. Plus, Bill Tracy is in-studio to talk about the rate hike, and his outlook on the 4th quarter.

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I’d like to buy the world a COLA – Lost in the fall shuffle is the Social Security Administration’s upcoming announcement of its annual Cost of Living Adjustment (or COLA). It could be the biggest increase in recent years, so Andy breaks down what it could mean in dollars and cents. This prompts Victoria to call in about her precarious Social Security situation, which shows how the COLA can be a HUGE deal for many retirees.

Begin, the rest is easy: How to start investing in stocks? – David from Ohio calls in with an important topic for young investors: How do you start? Andy is ready with some simple advice, but David’s question points to a larger story: It’s not just millennials, but Americans across-the-board are checking out of the stock market and missing the benefits as a result.

LIVE Portfolio Review – James has an IRA at Vanguard in the hugely popular Total Market Index fund. Andy notes that this fund is a classic example that sometimes you may think you have enough diversification when you really do not. In today’s dynamic world, it’s critical to know not only WHAT you own, but also WHY you own it.

Bill Tracy’s Chart Pack – Fresh from the Financial Engines Research Center, Bill Tracy joins the show once again to shed light on the recent interest rate hike from the Fed. Did the outcome really change anything? Plus, he debunks the myths of so-called scary market events in October and gives his expectations for the rest of 2018. As always, follow along with his charts below!

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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