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If you’re not first, you’re last: Loss aversion and its influence on investor behavior

Air Date: May 26, 2018

Happy Memorial Day weekend from the entire Investing Sense pit crew! Today, the guys take a look at the market, and even though stocks are in bloom, there are very human reactions, such as loss aversion and recency bias, that could potentially derail your retirement plan. Also, our resident D.C. insider JT Taylor joins the show to discuss what you need to know about the upcoming mid-term elections, and Andy will explain what it means for the market.

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What is loss aversion anyway? – The concept of loss aversion is that we perceive financial losses to be 2.5 times more PAINFUL that financial gains are pleasurable. This idea helps to explain otherwise irrational financial decisions and behavior. Andy digs in to the interesting ways this manifests itself and the potential risk to investors.

Full conversation with JT Taylor – Re-listen to the full interview with Washington insider JT Taylor, Senior Policy Analyst at Hedgeye Potomac Research, as he shares his unfiltered perspective on all the noise from Capitol Hill. He touches on the significance of news coming from North Korea and shares a provocative take on the Mueller investigation, plus a whole lot more!

Chart Pack with Bill Tracy – Senior Analyst with the Financial Engines Research Center, Bill Tracy, joins the guys to share the latest trends and markets he’s following. In light of the NBA playoffs coming to a head, what does LeBron James have to do with successful tech stocks like Amazon, Microsoft, or Facebook? Follow along with the charts below to find out!

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Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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