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Learning by example: The fall of Facebook stock

Air Date: Aug 04, 2018

Facebook recently endured the largest single-day loss of market value by any company in the history of the market. It was quite a news story, and a great example of the many stresses involved in retirement planning. Plus, Bob and Andy dive into the ever-growing email inbox and loads of listener questions, with plenty more lessons to be learned from each other!

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Learning by Example – The fall of Facebook stock value was all over the news recently, plummeting by 19% in a single day – the all-time biggest loss by one company. Take a look at the chart below to see other historic one-day drops in stock value. It’s not only another example of the risk involved with holding a concentrated stock position, but also a lesson in the stresses of retirement planning.

Ask Andy: Earnings limit and Social Security – Larry’s situation is yet another case of the types of stresses that looming retirement can cause: He is concerned that if he pulls money from his 401(k), it could reduce his Social Security benefit. Andy helps break down the rules, which are complicated enough to make Bob’s head spin!

Pension vs. lump sum? – Oscar is curious about the advantages of taking his pension as a lump sum OR monthly payments. Seems like a simple choice, but Andy notes that it is a really complex question, especially when it comes to longevity and the risk of running out of money in retirement.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Henry is 68, still working hard with no plans to retire, and collecting Social Security. However, he still has all his savings sitting in a CD at the bank. Andy is happy to help, because Henry could be exposing his hard-earned savings to two unseen risks: longevity and inflation.

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