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Managing Medicare Open Enrollment

Air Date: Nov 19, 2016

Bob and Andy talk with an expert about how to get the Medicare coverage you need without paying more than you should.

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Timely Topics

Social Security Strategies

Managing Medicare Open Enrollment

Understanding Capital Gains

In this week’s show, Bob and Andy talk with Philip Moeller, author and Fellow at the Center for Aging and Work at Boston College, about how to get the Medicare coverage you need without paying more than you should as you work through this year’s Medicare open enrollment period.

Also in this week’s show:

  • Kelly O’Donnell discusses special considerations women must take into account when planning for retirement and how women can best use their 401(k) account with their Social Security benefits to create a better income stream.
  • Since fund companies are posting their capital gains estimates this time of year, Bob and Andy discuss what capital gains distributions are, what about them to pay attention to and what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your taxable accounts.
  • Bob and Andy talk with listeners about timely topics such as the election results and the Medicare open enrollment period.

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