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Medicine for market motion sickness: A breakdown of the latest activity and trends

Air Date: Apr 07, 2018

If you’ve felt some queasiness due to all the market’s ups and downs, consider this show as medicine for the market’s ills. Financial Engines Senior Financial Analyst Bill Tracy is back to help the guys understand what is causing all this motion and decipher what the latest market trends and activity actually mean. Plus, Andy talks with author and New York Times critic Dwight Garner about his unusual relationship with money.

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Medicine for market motion sickness – As the market just wrapped up its first negative quarter since 2015, Bob and Andy asked Bill Tracy to join the show and talk about his latest read on the market, the changing of the guard at the Fed, and whether or not all this market volatility has any impact on the real economy.

Full Interview with Dwight Garner – Author and New York Times literary critic Dwight Garner joins the show to talk about his unusual relationship with money. It’s a fascinating confession about how someone at the top of their profession can still “feel” broke and struggle with money, and how important savings and proper financial planning are for people in ALL walks of life.

Chart Pack with Bill Tracy – Bill is back with his weekly chart pack! Follow along with the charts below as Bill explains the market trends he and the Research Center are following, including a refreshed look at the volatility index, as well as a breakdown of the daily price movement of the S&P 500 and what this means for investors.

The Senior Nomads, part 2: Re-writing the rules of retirement – Rather than settle down in retirement as most people do, Michael and Debbie decided to uproot themselves and travel the world. Our producer Chris continues his conversation with this fascinating couple, talking about the practical side of this fantasy retirement lifestyle such as health care and insurance, along with the biggest challenges they faced as they took the leap to become The Senior Nomads.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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