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Money Back In Your Pocket: Social Security Benefits

Air Date: Aug 26, 2017

Bob and Andy discuss how incredibly complex and extremely costly Social Security can be if you make a mistake with your claiming strategy. However, if done correctly, and with the right guidance, the benefits can be life-changing. Also, Stuart Woodbury, president of TMFS Insurance Agency, weighs in on terrible insurance products and annuities.

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Money Back in Your Pocket: Social Security Benefits – Steve from Ohio calls in to ask about his specific Social Security situation, which helps Bob realize again just how complicated it can be. As always, Andy not only has very helpful advice, but also provides a way for all listeners to optimize their Social Security.

Too Good to Be True: Bad Insurance Products and Annuities – If an investment product seems “too good to be true” …it probably is. Stuart Woodbury tells the story of a client who fell victim to one of these bad insurance products, and what we can learn from his experience.

LIVE Portfolio Review – This week’s review is a sizeable portfolio from Mark, who has a huge exposure to just one stock, which is extremely risky. In addition to simply selling the stock and moving to cash, Andy has some more sophisticated, though complex, ways to reduce this risk.

Missing Out: How much employer 401(k) matching contributions do employees leave on the table?

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