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Money on the table: The real impact of your 401(k)

Air Date: Jun 23, 2018

Investing Sense celebrated our 300th show a few weeks ago, and over the years, so many listeners and callers asked: ”How can I get started saving for retirement?” Andy’s most common answer: “Max out your 401(k)!” But there are some common, costly mistakes that many Americans are making and could result in leaving $10,000’s on the table! The guys reveal an easy step to take in making sure YOU aren’t making these same mistakes.

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Money on the table – Could you be leaving $10,000’s in 401(k) dollars on the table? With the help of Pat who emailed the show, the guys take a closer look at the costly mistakes many people make with their 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, and other retirement plans, along with an easy way for you to get this same type of analysis today!

Ask Andy: Company stock in 401(k) - Scott holds a large amount of company stock in his 401(k), which he wants to move, but is worried about a penalty. Andy gives him some practical advice, but also warns against the dangers of holding too much company stock, using General Electric (GE) as an example.

Bill Tracy’s Chart Pack! – Now that we’re near the half-way point of the year, Senior Analyst Bill Tracy sits down to discuss the mid-year performance of the markets, specifically small- and mid-cap stocks, and where the market could go next, in context of where the market has been. Follow along with this visual segment with Bill’s charts below!

LIVE portfolio review – We go to the phones for this week’s portfolio review. Brian has a lot to talk about, including asset allocation, risk tolerance, savings, and even a new account with a robo-advisor. Take a listen to Andy’s advice on how Brian could change his thinking when it comes to prioritizing his savings strategy and how to balance the choice between maxing out a 403(b) or opening a Roth IRA.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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