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More than magic numbers: real-world retirement costs

Air Date: Sep 09, 2017

It’s no secret that retirement is expensive, and there are so many variables: inflation, health care costs, pension dilemmas… Is there a magic number for a successful retirement? Instead of a nice round number to aim for, Andy explains a better way to think about it: the income gap. Plus, Financial Engines advisor Jeff Klever joins the show to share a real client story.

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More than magic numbers – $1 million might have a nice ring to it, but is that the magic number for retirement? Andy’s magic number is a little bit different. He explains the concept of the income gap and an effortless way you can find your number.

Real client story – St. Louis area Financial Engines advisor Jeff Klever shares a specific client’s story, navigating through indexed annuities, and why working with a fiduciary is so important.

That’s a lot of cheddar: the value of a financial advisor – The guys take a look at a new Vanguard study that shows the benefits of having a fiduciary on your side. In the words of Bob’s kids, “it’s a lot of cheddar!” But the most valuable aspect is something called “behavioral coaching.”

Vanguard study on financial advisor value add

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