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Motorhome on the mountain: A retirement success story

Air Date: Aug 18, 2018

Investing Sense continues the series of interviewing recent retirees, sharing success stories and advice, both as celebration of reaching the goal and inspiration for investors who are not quite there. This week, Andy sits down with Jamie and Mary, who share a story of how they discovered it was time to retire, and the personal and financial freedom they now enjoy! Also, Bill Tracy is back to share his latest charts, this time with a focus on emerging markets.

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Motorhome on the mountain – Andy sits down with his friends Jamie and Mary who share their story of reaching the goal of retirement, from how they decided it was time, to the reactions and support of their family, and how they plan on spending their retirement years.

Social Security solvency – The Social Security trust fund has been taking in more money than it’s been paying out since 1984, but this net surplus is forecast to stop around 2020, when even more baby boomers will start claiming benefits. Should those near retirement be worried? And what can you do RIGHT NOW to help plan for it?

LIVE portfolio review – Terry has done a good job of saving, investing, and diversifying across asset classes, but also subscribes to what is called the “3-bucket” approach. Andy is not a fan of this investing “rule-of-thumb” because it’s outdated in today’s complex, volatile, and uncertain world. Take a listen to hear Andy’s alternative suggestion for Terry’s situation.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack – Bill Tracy is back with plenty of charts that help explain the latest trends shaping the markets and discusses topics from the Financial Engines Research Center, including recent changes to portfolios with emerging market stocks. Bill also looks at the current buzz coming from Turkey and Argentina, and the risk that comes from investing in these “emerging” markets. As always, follow along with Bill’s charts below!

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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