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Mr. Smith goes to Washington: The rundown on tax reform

Air Date: Nov 11, 2017

There’s so much going on right now in financial news, from tax reform, to changes at the Federal Reserve, and fluctuations in interest rates. Andy cuts through all the noise coming out of Washington and boils it down to the financial planning aspects investors should focus on right now. Also, Bob asks a literal “million-dollar” question: How long would $1 million last in retirement?

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Mr. Smith goes to Washington – Andy cuts through the clutter coming out of Washington right now, including the Republican tax bill proposal and it’s interesting timing. What do changes at the Federal Reserve mean for the future of interest rates… there’s so much happening, what should an investor focus on?

The million-dollar question – Bob asks a doozie of a question: How long will $1 million actually last in retirement? The answer, of course, depends on location. Andy breaks down the most affordable and expensive places to spend that money, plus talks about how “cost of living” can greatly affect your retirement.

LIVE Portfolio Review – John has money to invest and wonders if it’s enough of an amount to work with a financial advisor. Andy gives him some advice on how he can make that money work and also looks at the downside of simply keeping the money in the bank.

Interview with Bonnie Moore – Special guest Bonnie Moore joins to show to talk about the idea behind her website, the Golden Girls Network, and the benefits and challenges that come with single retirees living as roommates. Bonnie also shares advice on how to dramatically reduce your living expenses if you’re single and retired.

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