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Muscle Cars and The Fiduciary Rule

Air Date: Jul 15, 2017

A new monster muscle car impresses the guys with its style and performance stats. It's so powerful, buyers have to sign an acknowledgement letter before driving, which makes Andy think of the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule. Plus, special guest Meir Statman, Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University, joins the show to talk about investor behavior and retirement habits.

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Muscle Cars and The Fiduciary Rule - Andy is a little obsessed about the new 800-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: a car so powerful, buyers have to sign an acknowledgement letter before driving. This letter reminds the guys of the DOL Fiduciary Rule. Find out why.

Finance for Normal People - Certain investing beliefs can cause bad investing behavior, which in turn can lead to not-so-great results. Author and professor of finance Meir Statman joins the show to talk about common financial behavior, including good AND bad habits we carry into retirement.

Zig When They Zag – There is a current trend of investors pouring money into passive investments. Actively picking and choosing funds does take a lot more work than passively tracking an index, but is the extra work (and fees) worth it? Andy notes sometimes you need to go against the herd mentality.

LIVE Portfolio Review - Cassie has done a great job of aligning her allocation and diversifying her portfolio, but has a question about rebalancing out of tech stock. Andy also has some recommendations for investing some extra cash. Follow along with the chart below!

Money Flows from Active to Passive Funds and ETFs

Source: "Michael Mauboussin: How Passive Investing Shapes Active Management." ValueWalk. N.p., 16 May 2017. Web. 07 July 2017.

LIVE Portfolio Review

This example is for illustrative purposes as presented on the radio show and is not intended to serve as advice.

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