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Myth of the retirement fairy: Learning how to retire

Air Date: Sep 08, 2018

Andy continues his series of talking with recent retirees about achieving the goal of retirement. Today, Bob, who is a long-time family friend, opens up and shares some of the hardest lessons he learned while transitioning into retirement and growing older. Plus, Senior Analyst Bill Tracy is back to talk about the latest trends from the Financial Engines Research Center, including a forecast for a sector “shake-up” and other events making for a busy September!

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Myth of the Retirement Fairy – Bob is a long-time family friend of Andy’s, who has been retired for a few years. In this honest conversation, Bob shares the lifestyle changes he made after foregoing a steady paycheck, explains why there is no guide to learn how to grow old or retire, and shares the wisdom of saving as much as you can when you’re young, because there is no magical “Retirement Fairy” that appears at age 65!

Full Conversation with Alex Allred – Olympic athlete and author Alex Allred joins the show to share her experience as caregiver to her aging parents. Alex discovered her father had dementia after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Listen to her story as she shares tips on how to cope with the trauma, navigate the outrageous costs associated with taking care of ill parents, and the do’s-and-don’ts of managing Power of Attorney.

LIVE portfolio review – Rich is 58, planning to retire at 68, and needs help with his portfolio. He has a large CD position, which is of concern to Andy not only because it’s based on an outdated and silly “rule of thumb,” but because Rich is trying too hard to time the market. Andy breaks down a new allocation for Rich to consider that might be better aligned to his time horizon.

Bill Tracy’s Chart Pack – It’s great to have Bill Tracy back on the show, sharing his insights and helping you understand all the latest trends and news, including new all-time highs for US markets, Amazon joining the “Trillion-Dollar Club,” and a shake-up coming in the communication sector. Plus, Bill offers a little preview of more changes potentially coming in the next month. Follow along with Bill’s charts below!

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Russell 2000 Composite - Last 5 years

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