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Negative news vs. positive markets: Who’s telling the truth?

Air Date: Jul 28, 2018

Maybe, just maybe, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Despite all the bad press in newspapers, radio, cable news, and the internet, the stock market continues to hold near its all-time highs. Bob and Andy explore the effect this discrepancy can have on investors’ psychology. Plus, our resident Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor is back again with plenty to talk about, including a possible under-looked risk posed by the trade wars.

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Negative news vs. positive markets – Markets are near all-time highs, but unfortunately, the negative news cycle makes it feel like things aren’t so good. So, what is the key to staying focused on long-term goals in the midst of so many perceived threats?

LIVE portfolio review – Andy takes a look at Joe’s portfolio and notices that he has trouble with stock overlap and lacks international exposure. Turns out Joe is less comfortable with international investing, simply because he doesn’t understand it. But filling this knowledge gap is just one way Andy helps Joe.

Bill Tracy’s Chart Pack – Bill Tracy joins us once again from the Financial Engines Research Center, along with his helpful charts (see below). Topics this week range from July market performance, to recent attention given to FANG stocks like Facebook, and the broader picture of Q2 earnings, plus much more!

Conversation with JT Taylor – Friend of the show JT Taylor, Managing Director and Chief Political Strategist at Hedgeye Potomac Research, is back to share more inside baseball from the beltway, including the latest on the trade wars.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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