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Not your father’s stock market: A bumpy road to record wealth

Air Date: Jun 16, 2018

Happy Father’s Day weekend! The amount of wealth generated in this country keeps growing to record highs, from returns on stocks and bonds, to rising home values, to the job market… but statistics show that tens of millions of Americans are still missing out on this amazing opportunity. Bob and Andy dig into the reasons why from an historical perspective. Plus, more from Don Luskin and JT Taylor, along with the weekly visit and charts from Bill Tracy.

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Not your father’s stock market – This year has been a bumpy road for the broader markets, but specific sectors keep rising to all-time highs. This, plus rising home values and the best job market in decades, are contributing to amazing record wealth currently being generated in America. But millions are still missing out on this opportunity…why?

Full Interview with Don Luskin – Don Luskin is the Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macrolytics and always shares fascinating insights into economic trends and stories from around the world, specifically what’s going on with the Iran deal and oil prices. The conversation also covers currencies, the recent Italian bond market flare-up and a riveting history lesson.

Bill Tracy’s Chart Pack! – Senior Analyst Bill Tracy joins the guys to talk about the latest market trends he and the Financial Engines Research Center are following. Setting aside politics and looking at the hard data, the focus is on trade and growth in U.S. exports, along with reasons to be optimistic when it comes to international markets. Be sure to use the charts below to visualize this discussion!

Conversation with JT Taylor – Good friend of the show and Managing Director and Chief Political Strategist at Hedgeye Potomac Research, JT Taylor is back again with his unbiased and unfiltered view of the latest happenings on Capitol Hill. This time, he gives a forecast for the November general elections and what the agendas could look like for both parties, and more.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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