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Panic vs. Perspective: How to feel about recent market volatility

Air Date: Feb 10, 2018

Financial markets from stocks, to bonds and interest rates, to currencies are all seeing an increase in volatility over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes, in order to see where we are, we need to step back and look at where we came from. Bob and Andy offer some much-needed perspective for the recent market swings, along with practical steps and guidance for listeners after the wild ride this week.

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Don’t Panic! - One of the biggest ways investors can stay on track during times of market volatility is to gain perspective. Andy gives his take on the recent market swings, explains why it happened, and helps by providing simple actions and calming thoughts for listeners after what felt like a scary week in the markets.

Ask Andy: Too much company stock? – Scott holds a large amount of company stock in his 401k, which he wants to move, but is worried about a penalty. Andy gives him some practical advice, but also warns against the dangers of holding too much company stock, using General Electric (GE) as an example. Follow along with the chart below!

Full Interview: Don Luskin – Andy’s been urging listeners to keep an eye on interest rates for the past few months. We’re lucky to be joined again by Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macrolytics and friend of the show, Don Luskin, to take a deep dive into interest rates and inflation, along with the future of monetary policy and the stock market.

Dow Jones Industrial Average since 2009

Transitioning long-term trend in interest rates

20 Years of General Electric (GE) vs. S&P 500

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