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Protect yourself, part two: Preventing financial fraud

Air Date: Sep 23, 2017

Bob and Andy continue on the topic of protecting yourself and your loved ones against financial scams. This week, FBI victim specialist and fraud expert Debbie Deem joins the show to talk about financial crimes, especially those committed against the elderly. Learn the red flags to look for so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Also, Andy weighs in on the recent news about potential scams surrounding cryptocurrencies.

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Protect yourself, part two: Preventing financial fraud – FBI victim specialist Debbie Deem joins the show to talk about common financial scams aimed at the elderly and vulnerable adults. Listen to the full interview to learn about the red flags associated with those scams and ways to help protect loved ones.

Crackdown on cryptocurrencies - Will emails about his investments in bitcoin and ethereum. He’s in it for the long haul, however he’s concerned about volatility. With the recent announcement in China as well as the investor alert issued by FINRA, Andy advises caution when it comes to any new cryptocurrencies or ICOs.

Ask Andy: Is it a good time to get back in the market? – Nervous about a market crash, Ed calls the show wondering if the market is too high to go back in right now? Andy explains why this is the wrong way to think about investing: looking at where the market has been, rather than where it’s going. Bob found that Ed is like most Americans, holding almost 60% of his investible assets in cash. Learn why holding such a large cash position is at risk to the ravages of inflation.

Initial Coin Offerings: Know Before You Invest

Click here to view the FINRA investor alert on initial coin offerings.

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