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Ready to retire: Now what?

Air Date: Apr 21, 2018

The goal of this show is to help hard-working Americans get to and through retirement. Due to the remarkable run of the market over the last 9 years, many investors are now ready to take the plunge into retirement, but may still need help taking that next step. Andy has an easy way for you to get started today! Plus, special guest Kyle Bingham joins the show to share how he helped his mother optimize her Social Security benefits.

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Ready to retire: Now what? – Because of the tremendous bull market over the last 9 years, many Americans find themselves on the verge of retirement and ready to take that step. Andy offers an easy way to simply GET STARTED on a plan to help protect and preserve your nest egg, plus he explains how to avoid leaving money on the table when it comes to Social Security.

Full Interview: Kyle Bingham – Kyle Bingham, Senior Instructor at Financial Engines, shares how he helped his mom get a LOT more out of Social Security, and this all has to do with spousal benefits.

Chart Pack with Bill Tracy – This week, Bill goes back in time, all the way to 1926, to compare the current 9-year bull market run with historical Bull and Bear cycles. Follow along with his chart below!

LIVE Portfolio Review – Larry is close to retirement, and has a sizeable 401k, but he’s concerned about how withdrawing from the 401k might impact Social Security payments. Andy explains how the earnings limits rule applies in Larry’s situation, which shows just how complicated claiming Social Security can be.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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