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Ripe for recency bias: Don’t be a performance chaser!

Air Date: Sep 01, 2018

Happy Labor Day weekend! Small cap stocks have been leading the way over the summer, rising just like the temperatures, and once again reaching all-time highs. Strong runs like these are ripe for recency bias, as it’s tempting for investors to only look at the most recent past when considering an investment. Bob and Andy break down why it’s all about diversification and asset allocation! Also, special guests Rick and Joyce sit down with Andy to share their story about achieving retirement.

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Ripe for recency bias – As the calendar turns from summer to fall, Bob and Andy reminisce about market movements during the last season change: Around Memorial Day, the stock market had been falling, but since then, continued its rise to new all-time highs. It’s the latest reminder for investors to be wary of recency bias.

Ask Andy: Retirement savings vs. pay off student debt – Matt is in an all-too-familiar situation: He’s started his retirement savings but wants to get rid of his student loan debt. Removing that financial burden could be a huge relief, but is it worth it to take a loan (and the tax hit) to ’retire’ this debt? Or is there a less drastic alternative?

LIVE portfolio review – Congratulations to Eric, who is a new retiree! He has a pension and 401(k) but is looking for advice on a new allocation as he will soon start withdrawing from that 401(k). At only 56 years old, he is a great example of not only how it’s possible to retire early, but also, since he's likely to be retired for at least 30 more years, the importance of protecting against the destructive force of inflation.

Every day is Saturday; every night is Friday night – Unlike most retirees who are able to set a timeline for retirement, Rick and Joyce found themselves faced with unexpected business challenges. Luckily, they are still able to do what they love, retirement is not far away, and they share how their attitude towards retirement has shifted due to these changes.

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