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Rise and fall: The shifting sands in the bond market

Air Date: Jun 02, 2018

A strange turn of events in the market this week after an abrupt shift in sentiment in the bond market. Bob and Andy, along with listeners, focus on the ups and downs in interest rates and discuss what it means for portfolios. Plus, with so many rules and regulations to follow, every retiree needs help when it comes to Social Security. Writer and claiming strategy expert Mary Beth Franklin joins the show to offer important insights and advice to help maximize your benefits!

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Shifting sands in the bond market – For the past few weeks, as interest rates were on the rise, some investors were asking: Why do I own bonds? But now, the sentiment has shifted due to the recent DROP in interest rates. Andy explains what this means for the markets and reiterates the importance of asset allocation and diversification.

Conversation with Mary Beth Franklin – Special guest Mary Beth Franklin is a contributing editor at Investment News and a nationally recognized expert in Social Security claiming strategies, with a focus on retirement income planning. Make sure to tune in as she shares advice on everything from file and suspend, restricted application, and claiming tips for divorcees.

LIVE Portfolio Review – Jerry is two or three years away from retirement and has serious worries over losing money in his bond holdings. Could there be a better place to move that money until interest rates peak, or is Jerry trying too hard to time the bond market?

Ready to retire, but now what? – The guys take a look at a recent news story that shows how the fortunes of American retirees are in full bloom, as the average wealth among retirees has risen more than 100% over the past 19 years. However, Andy notes that the transition into retirement can be one of the most stressful life events, which is why many people who are ready to retire still need help taking that next step.

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