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Rise of the machines: The influence of tech on stock market highs

Air Date: Oct 14, 2017

What’s behind the most recent move to all-time highs in the stock market? One important factor is the growth of corporate earnings, particularly in the dynamic technology sector. Also, author Mike Haubrich joins the show to talk about the concept of career asset management, how to measure your value as an employee, and how to get a raise!

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Rise of the machines: The influence of tech on stock market highs – Andy highlights reasons for the continuing all-time highs of the stock market, including easing tensions with North Korea and progress on the budget. Another huge factor are the incredible and fast advances being made by technology companies.

Mike Haubrich interview: Your career as an asset class – Author Mike Haubrich introduces the concept of “career asset management,” and explains how to measure your time, talent, and skills. Plus Mike shares tips on how to size up your standing in your industry and whether your job might be at risk in the future.

LIVE Portfolio review: The importance of asset allocation – This week’s portfolio review comes from Mike, who lacks international exposure and has a lot of stock overlap in his mutual funds. Andy reminds listeners of the importance of checking asset allocation so you don’t get left behind!

Clean-up continues in Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico was already dealing with a massive financial crisis even before Hurricane Maria hit. President Trump recently spoke about wiping out the island’s debt, which could help speed up recovery, but how would this affect investors?

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