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Space race 2.0: Amazing advances and groundbreaking technology

Air Date: Mar 03, 2018

In a society that tends to focus on the negative, Andy continues to carry the torch and point out positive trends, especially when it comes to technology and medical advances. This week, the guys blast off and look into the amazing advances in the new space race and other breakthrough technologies that are leading the way. Also, former Olympic athlete and author Alex Allred joins the show to talk about caring for aging parents.

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Space race 2.0 – Andy continues to be optimistic for the future of American industry, largely because of the amazing advances in technology that we’re seeing, including a new space race! These advancements are one of the reasons why the NASDAQ performed so well last year, in addition to leading the recovery since February’s pullback. Follow along with the charts below!

LIVE Portfolio review – Bryan writes into the show looking for Andy’s feedback on his overall portfolio. Only 10 years out from retirement, he has a conservative portfolio, but Andy is concerned with Bryan’s large position in CDs. With the possibility of rising interest rates due to inflation expectations, Bryan may need to increase risk a bit to make sure he doesn’t run out of money in retirement.

Full Interview: Alex Allred – Olympic athlete and author Alex Allred joins the show to share her experience as caregiver to her aging parents. Alex discovered her father had dementia after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Listen to her story as she shares tips on how to cope with the trauma, navigate the outrageous costs associated with taking care of ill parents, and the do’s-and-don’ts of managing Power of Attorney.

Ask Andy: Post pullback roundup – Andy makes the rounds through calls and emails, including questions about whole life insurance, dividend paying stocks, and fixed index annuities. Bob noticed a trend in these topics: the recent pullback in the market has caused a lot of unnecessary fear among investors.

Boeing (BA) vs. Dow Industrials - 1 year

NASDAQ Relative strength vs. S&P 500 and Dow Industrials

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