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Stocks at a crossroad: Will tax reform sink the market?

Air Date: Nov 04, 2017

The stock market is at a crossroad between Wall Street and K Street as tax reform winds its way through Washington D.C. Resident D.C. insider JT Taylor breaks it down and hear Treasury Secretary Steve Mnunchin’s warning if tax reform fails. Long-time friend of the show, Diane Daniels, drops by to share tips on how to cut healthcare costs. Plus, a listener asks Andy: What should I do when my advisor won’t call me back?

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Grading Trump’s first year in office – Andy and Bob grade President Trump’s first year in office: It’s all about jobs. Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor, senior policy analyst with Hedgeye Potomac Research, breaks down tax reform and what it means for the middle class, which has been a beneficiary of the rising stock market. But the stock market rally might reverse lower if tax reform fails according to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnunchin.

Tackling out-of-control healthcare costs – Solving for outrageous healthcare costs is quickly becoming one of the most important financial planning issues. Medicare expert Diane Daniels joins the show and gives you tips on how to potentially save thousands on your healthcare bills.

Are you just a food source for your advisor? – What should you do if your financial advisor hasn’t returned your calls in 18 months? Worse yet, what if your advisor is dishonest about being a fiduciary? Andy helps a listener with these problems and provides a one-line script to put this shady advisor to the test.

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