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Success leaves footprints: Navigating the journey to retirement

Air Date: Aug 25, 2018

Andy continues his series of sitting down with friends who have recently retired, sharing how they navigated their journey and what they’ve learned along the way. These conversations fit right in with the many questions, calls and emails this week: from the impact supplemental income could have on Social Security benefits, to the idea of using retirement savings to help pay for long-term health care. Plus, Bill Tracy is in-studio to shed more light on recent changes to client portfolios.

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Success leaves footprints – This week’s retirement success story comes from Mike and Vickie, who share how they realized it was time for Mike to stop working (with a little nudge from his blood pressure), and how they now spend their free time enjoying their ever-growing gaggle of grandkids!

Ask Andy: Is it ever too late to start saving? – Tina calls in with this common question, as she is 14 years from retirement and only just started saving in her 401(k). Andy points out that of course it’s NEVER too late to start, and Bob has fun crunching the numbers to give Tina assurance that retirement is not out of reach.

LIVE portfolio review – James has an IRA at Vanguard in the hugely popular Total Market Index fund. Andy notes that this fund is a classic example that sometimes you may think you have enough diversification when you really do not. In today’s dynamic world, it’s critical to know WHAT you own, but also WHY you own it.

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack – Senior Investment Analyst Bill Tracy re-joins the show to enlighten Bob and Andy about the latest outlook from the Financial Engines Research Center. Bill revisits the recent changes to client portfolios, specifically in international stock, and checks-in with market performance since the volatility in early 2018. As always, follow along with the helpful charts below!

Bill Tracy's Chart Pack

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