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The buzz about bitcoin: Investing in cryptocurrencies

Air Date: Oct 21, 2017

All year long Bob and Andy have been talking about the promise of technology and how it’s improving our lives, including the optimistic future of investing in that technology. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no exception, as they, along with the stock market, continue making all-time highs. How can investors take advantage of this asset class? Also, real estate expert Greg Cooper is in studio to give advice and share stories about real estate investing.

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The buzz about bitcoin – Back in the headlines and making new all-time highs, bitcoin continues to attract a lot of attention from investors. Jill from Cincinnati is curious about the best way to get started. Andy and Bob give her plenty to think about as they discuss the many ways cryptocurrencies and technology stocks can fit in a diversified portfolio.

Interview: Real estate expert Greg Cooper – One of the most frequently asked questions that Andy gets is “Should I pay off my mortgage or invest?” Greg Cooper of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services joins the show to talk about real estate and how to think of it as an investment.

LIVE Portfolio Review – This week’s review comes from Tim, whose kids recently came into some inheritance money. Andy sets up an experiment, looking at the returns of two model portfolios: one all-stock and the other more balanced between stocks and bonds. Which of these portfolios will perform better over 40 years?

The Nobel Prize, NFL, and you – Richard Thaler was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, and his work has even influenced some NFL teams. He’s also credited for helping people save almost $30 billion MORE for retirement in the past decade. The guys take a look at how the average investor can apply Thaler’s concepts to retirement savings.

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